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A Flood in the Bathroom -- and Problems with the Furnace

On a less happy note than my earlier post about Valentine's Day, my bathroom flooded last night right before bed. (sigh)

So though it was 1:30 a.m., I had to grab up towels -- I used dirty ones -- and start mopping up the floor.

Meanwhile because it was so much water on the floor, Marilyn mistressmarilyn had to mop up water that had gone down somehow and poured into the utility room in the basement, below my bathroom. Damn!

Yes, toilets everywhere plug up now and then, as gross as it is to discuss it. But I couldn't help noting that since we've lived in this house, we've only ever had a toilet overflow on one occasion. (That was fairly soon after we'd moved in, too. Dad was still alive and came rushing over to help me, plunger in hand!)

Recently the toilet in my bathroom was running, so my neighbor Jim came over and fixed it. I think it's giving a more forceful flow when flushed now, which might have been part of the problem last night.

Anyway, nothing like standing in water from the toilet, mopping the floor with towels. (Yes, I was cursing the entire time!)

So this morning I had to do a big load of towels in the laundry. (On hot, with bleach designed for colored items.) And mop the bathroom and utility room with disinfectant! (Thankfully nothing of the brown-variety got on the floor...)

And yesterday the furnace did something really odd. It wouldn't fire when we turned up the thermostat, so I had to go and open the door that accesses the furnace -- a big pain -- and hit the reset button. Then the furnace began making a horrible sound and shuddering like mad. I hit the button again to try to turn it off. Eventually it just went off. Then it fired again, I guess in response to the thermostat.

We thought perhaps we were low on oil, but I went out and stuck it and we're good.

We've needed maintenance for some time, though. The last time we tried to get the furnace serviced the guy wouldn't do it unless we got the vents and the furnace vacuumed out by some special service that does that. (sigh) So it just hasn't happened to date.

Yes, this is the original furnace that was in the house when they built it. So it's more than 50 years old now. We'd love to replace it, but it's going to cost a pretty penny.

Anyway, with the possibility of snow on Friday -- which simply doesn't happen here in Portland in February -- I hope it keeps working! (We're slated for possible record lows, too, so...)

The upside to snow on Friday? Marilyn would get an automatic four-day weekend, rather than needing to take Friday off as a vacation day. (grin)

Damn! The furnace did it again! I wonder what the hell is the matter with it? (sigh) Our entire house smells of oil right now...

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