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Website and More Website. Getting Our Steps!

Today was really all about the festival WEBSITE for me. It turns out that CityFair wasn't done correctly, so I needed to go in and fix it. It was a LOT of work (!!!) and took me quite a bit of time, but happily it's now done. I need to meet with Robin and Ariel tomorrow and show them HOW they can do updates to CityFair pages going forward...

The faucet in the kitchen went insane today and was spraying me with water! So I tried contacting Crouchley Plumbing -- can you say fail? They couldn't fit us in for a week and a half! That's the last time I'm calling on them, as the woman on the phone was quite rude with me. It's a shame, as Mom and Dad were using them before we were born. But I'm so over that company... (Even though they did install my new toilet when I got it...)

Anyway, I have an appointment on Thursday (April 23) with ProDrain to fix the faucet and look at the one in Marilyn's bathtub, too (which has been making a lot of noise for some time now). Hey, it's just part of owning a house, after all...

Marilyn got home by around 6:30 tonight. I'm really pleased by how she's managing her time this year! She's extremely busy at work (as always), but she's not staying nearly as late as she has in the past. So far, so good!

Regardless, BOTH of us are swamped with work right now, and have decided to skip our trip to the beach this coming weekend. It's disappointing, but there's no way we'd have fun knowing how buried we are. So we're planning to work, instead. It was supposed to be a trip with sister Sue and her granddaughters (Nicole and Madyson). I know they're all going to be disappointed. We were silly to try to set up this trip after the festival has already started for 2015! I don't know what we were thinking...

Marilyn and I walked down to Riteaid from the house, which I think is around 12 blocks (or so) away. It was a good walk and we got some 5,000 steps round trip. We needed to pick up some meds and some milk, plus get steps in, so it was two birds with one stone time...

I got on the treadmill for ten minutes to make my 10,000 steps for the day (I'm really motivated right now!). But I'm so TIRED tonight!

I 'found' four pairs of pants that I was apparently planning to ditch because they didn't fit me (way too tight, I suspect). Anyway, they fit me GREAT now, so I'll be able to wear them. My other pants are so baggy that I hate having them on -- but I don't want to get any more new pants right now, because I can't wear that pair I got for Marilyn's party (they fall off me). It's a good problem to have, I know, but it's still an issue! I mean, I have to have clothes to wear to work, after all! Hahaha.

We'll have a LATE night tomorrow night! We're jurying for the IYSFF again -- and a bunch of us are going. (We'll be doing it again next week, too.) Marilyn, Josie and I did it last time (we were the only three from the office) -- and we're all doing it again this time, too. But it's great fun and fascinating stuff seeing all those films the students create...

I'm worried about Donn. I didn't hear from him all day long. And I tried to call him and couldn't reach him! I hope he's okay. (Actually, I'm praying he's okay...) Gosh, I love that man. I can't stand it if anything is wrong with him.

I also tried to get in touch with June (and Jim). I hate it when I don't know how they're doing. Plus there's been a health issue with Jim Jim (her son) and I'm anxious to find out what's going on...

I can't seem to keep up with everyone right now. It's just crazy and upsetting.

I need to try and get a look at sister Sue's computer (she has an issue that needs tending).

Bedtime! I'm really worn out.

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