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A Busy Week -- Friday!

This has been a busy week.

Anyway, Marilyn and I went in to the office this morning, and decided to leave work early.

I took in the two old laptops I had, as Barry (our long-time ham radio guy) needs them. Here's the story: Years ago, Barry WROTE a program for tracking the pace of the Grand Floral Parade. A laptop runnning the program is placed inside the pace car -- the lead car in the parade, that is stopped at various times to control the pace of the parade, based on various aspects such as commercial breaks for television and so on. The entries are recorded and give us information to analyze. I don't know all the details, but Barry's old laptop died. It was running Windows XP. He got a new laptop, using a current OS, and the program won't work with it! So he needed machines running XP, and I had these, so he turned to me. It actually makes me both humble and proud that people feel they can count on me when it comes to computers. I guess this has been true for several years now. I can't always help, but I do try, so I guess there's something to be said for that. I give advice, I try to share my time and experience and I give away equipment when I have it (computers, mice, keyboards, laptops, and so on).

We decided to leave early today, considering we need to work on both Saturday and Sunday (Saturday is going to be especially busy). So we left around 3:00-ish. We had a bite to eat when we got home (leftover deli Chinese), then we were both tired, so we took naps. I don't know how long Marilyn slept, but I slept for ages. I had trouble sleeping last night, so I was glad to get the rest.

Then we walked over to Darcy's on Lombard -- for dinner, but also so we could get the walking. We had beer and burgers. It was nice.

It was really warm today! Like a summer day, I swear. I carried a jacket, but didn't need it, even walking home after dark.

The Clown Corps training started today for the 2015 class. We skipped dropping by today, but Marilyn is supposed to be with them for two hours tomorrow (and maybe me, too). And we always (without fail) attend the Clown graduation on Sunday. Marilyn has media training with the 2015 Court (with Rich) in the morning. It's very important to instruct these young women as they prepare to face numerous public appearances and constant attention from media. Then tomorrow is also the Sing-Off. It starts at 1:00, with the Finals starting at 7:00.

It's a busy weekend!

I'm trying to start using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram more. It's hard to find the time, but I'm working on it. And obviously Marilyn and I are both focusing on exercise. We're especially enjoying the hiking we've been doing!

I finished both "The Sparrow" and the sequel -- WONDERFUL books! I was sad to finish them! I highly, highly recommend these books (which are both available on Kindle). I've started an interesting new book, too...

We both need to wash our hair before bed.

Fitbit Update: Marilyn did 11,316 steps today. I did 11,339 steps. We got part of our steps walking to Starbucks, and around the office. And part of them walking over to dinner and back, and in the park. Then we both did the treadmill, too.

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