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Shopping Makes Everything Better...

Just up after a 'nap' where I didn't wake until past midnight (surprise). So this is backdated. Oh well. Gosh, both Marilyn and I were exhausted by the time we got back home from our shopping trip! She brought home leftovers from her lunch that we shoveled down. (I was starved, as I hadn't had a bite of food all day long, except for my half an apple with my morning meds.) It was some kind of curry rice and tasted delicious, if a bit spicy!

Sleep is becoming one of those things that ranks with manna from heaven. And we could always use more of it! It seems like tons of our spare time is spent sleeping...

This was a tough day. But in the end, shopping makes everything better! Hahaha. This evening I ran into a young woman working at a store who had experienced a hard day. She told me her woes, and I expressed that I'd had a hard day, too. But we BOTH agreed that shopping makes the world a better place! So all ends well -- right?

An aside: NO. I DID NOT GET MY CLEANING DONE TODAY. I BARELY EVEN GOT A START. (I know Marilyn was disappointed, but I just ran out of time. I was racing around trying to do some of it -- after the damn ants -- but I didn't get to much. Just enough to be a total disgusting sweatball when she came home to get me to go shopping... sigh...)

I ended up getting a purse that was originally priced at close to $170 for a much smaller amount. And WOW, do I ever love it! It's big enough to pack both my iPads, Kindle paperwhite AND my external hard drive, too. Plus quite a bit more! PLUS look great while doing so! I look forward to actually using it for the first time tomorrow!

And Marilyn picked up a few nice things, including a new navy uniform jacket -- very smart! She almost never shops for clothing these days. We were chatting about the past when we used to shop all the time, in the days before getting our beach house. Well, there's a balance there, of course (and we love having the second house). But we had a lot more money to spend on clothes and things, back in the day.

I have a lovely top here at home (with sleeves) that I need to ask sister Sue if she'd like to have. She could wear it Thursday night, if she wanted... Just an aside! That's actually why we went shopping, to get something new for Marilyn's 40th Anniversary Party on Thursday night...

I did give the ants another whack today. Many seem cut back or gone entirely, using the Terro Ant Bait. Today I used some of the liquid version of Terro (pouring it directly on the side of the foundation, etc.). We're seeing only a few ants in the house, here and there -- much less than we had been seeing. So it seems to be working! But ideally I want to see none inside the house -- and only a few (or none) outside, as well. We shall see! Supposedly today was going to be our last sunny day this week (sigh). So I really needed to treat for them while it was dry.

Not going into all the various IT woes I faced today. But here's the GOOD news: I spoke to Marissa on the phone and helped resolve HER problem about printing PDFs. That took me less than five minutes, and I did it pacing at home (to get steps) -- without seeing the issue at all. Donn and I got news that our check for festival IT equipment has been cut and signed and is waiting for him to pick it up tomorrow! (woo hoo) It's been months coming (as seems to happen every year), but it's finally here. So we're both glad. Now he can buy the machines we need so badly and get them ready...

Lastly, I went to June's today and we finally fixed her problem signing into Gmail on both her computer and iPad. By the way, this is a KNOWN ISSUE! If you change your password for any reason on the computer, then it's a BEAR to get back to having the password working on BOTH computer and device! It's actually ridiculous. I don't know what even made me put the crazy long google search in, but there it was! If any of you ever have the problem, please email me for the solution!

Also, June is logged back in to her iTunes on her computer, and her Apple ID on her iPad. (These, plus her iCloud, are one in the same, for the record.) Donn was right about those, for the record. I need to be sure to mention when Donn gets it right.

Did we resolve the original issue about syncing the contacts between computer and iPad? I don't know and I don't care. Frankly, it's not that much work to just type in contacts. God knows I've forced many a person to do it at the office over the years. But it's NOT worth hours of work to get both working again to even TRY syncing contacts again. What a mess. Gmail should be ASHAMED to make all of this so difficult!

My opinion of Gmail: I would NEVER EVER recommend it to anyone after this experience! I've used Yahoo! mail for years -- and it has good and bad elements. But being able to log into it after a password change on MULTIPLE devices is certainly NOT one of these!!! If you love Gmail, good for you. I won't be using it, personally. But I know loads of people who love it. Just do not ask me to be the one helping you maintain it, because it's a huge pain.

Did I mention that you CANNOT use Gmail as your DEFAULT email for your iPad? By this I mean that you can't set it up so you can send photos automatically via Gmail. Nor can you set it to automatically send URLs/links via Gmail. (I had to explain all this to Donn, because he doesn't actually use these features, which I use constantly.) I was trying to teach all this to June one time weeks past, and that's when I googled it and found out that it couldn't be done with Gmail. Sorry, but that's another strike for iPad users.

Well, work (at the office) tomorrow, so I need to go wash my hair and get in bed for the night. Marilyn was sound asleep on the sofa when last I saw her. I heard her doing the treadmill while I was lying down, so I imagine she's much more tired than I!

I wish I had my present for Marilyn for her 40th. I wish I had a birthday present for her! This is also a big bday, being her 60th. Well, Sue and I have some ideas, at least! And that's better than nothing.

Gosh, I do need to get her a card before Thursday, anyway! She's received a lot of cards and notes, which pleases her very much. I don't think she's expecting gifts, except for whatever the festival gives her. (After all, she didn't expect a party...)

We did get a bunch of steps in. I was around 5,500 the last time I looked, and she had well over 8,000. I need to go look it up now (sigh). If I can! I might not see her full amount, as you have to tap the damn Fitbit -- and she wears it around her neck on a chain (as I do). I'm certainly not waking her up to get her results! Okay, got 'em!

Fitbit Update: Marilyn got a whopping 10,304 steps (!!!). And I got 5,677 (not bad, considering I was sitting for hours in the afternoon).

Must get to my hair before I fall asleep sitting here... Hope all is well with all of you!

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