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Ants and IT Issues...

I mentioned in the blog for yesterday (that was written well past Thursday!) that Marilyn and I were up and awake very late. I don't know HOW she does it, getting up and off to work when we're up in the middle of the night. But she does! As for me, I slept straight through! I never heard her get up or leave.

I'd thought about going in to the office today, but obviously that wasn't happening! Oh well. I did need to start working on the ant situation, after all...

Woke up to find the house alarm on (Marilyn always does that when she leaves and I'm asleep), BUT the garage door was standing open! Marilyn remembers clearly closing it, so we've no clue how the hell that happened.

Sister Sue came over to get me to go to Starbucks for coffee first thing -- so I was dashing to get dressed and ready! Then we drove over to her Starbucks on the island and were there chatting for ages!

After that she asked if I'd go shopping with her so I could help bring in her groceries at her house. I was glad to help, of course. We went to the other Freddies on Lombard (NOT the one where Marilyn and I normally shop). I really didn't buy anything EXCEPT for the ant stuff!

After I got home I dressed in grubbies and went out to prepare for using the ant poison. I raked BEHIND our bushes out front, to remove the detritus (pieces of bush and loads of leaves, etc.). Hector had told me this would attract ants, so I should have taken care of it ages ago. Not that I really think THAT is what our ant issue is about! It's a tough job, as there are loads of branches that block the way -- so I got pretty scratched up. But I got piles of stuff out and into the yard (for Hector to haul off). And it's really clear right against the house, now. (I used what I think of as our 'baby rake' that we've often used to 'rake' carpet with in the past! Hahaha.)

Then I CAREFULLY read the instructions for using the Terro ant bait granules. I wore clothes that covered me up, plus gloves. You don't want this stuff on your skin, because it can be absorbed. I had some kind of granules in the past, but it was larger than this. (Ortho, I think. They don't appear to make it anymore.) This is a bit hard to work with, as it doesn't just shake out easily. But I went behind the bushes and against the house. And then I worked my way around the ENTIRE foundation of the house!

I've never seen this many ants before! In the 20+ years we've lived here, I've never had to treat the entire foundation before -- but there were ants all the way around! Plus you could see ants on the porch, down both sides of the driveway, down both sides of the front walk AND on both sides of the sidewalk (near the yard and near the boulevard). I used one full container and a good portion of another.

At one point I sat down to rest on the porch steps, and I could actually see the ants picking up the bait and dragging it back to their nest! That's the idea. That way they poison not only these scouts, but also the ants that are in the nest, plus the queen. It's the best way to eliminate them entirely.

I don't know if this will reach the ants inside the house or not. I did get some traps for inside, but I always hate using them around the cats. In fact, I'm leery of any poison inside the house. Marilyn is especially sensitive to things, but so am I. And it's not worth poisoning any of us just to kill some ants!

The year I used the granules previously, I had GREAT results. So I'm really hopeful that will be the case this time, too. Anyway, you start with bait, rather than spray. Sprays can actually block the effectiveness of baits, so it's best to wait and use them last. Maybe they won't be necessary at all!

After the ant thing, I had to remove all my clothes and shower (including washing my hair), in case any poison was on me. I need to wash those clothes, too.

I also did some website work today, and IT, as well. Donn went in to try and fix Mariah's computer. I had him give up on that after a couple of hours when it became clear he was wasting his time. He moved another computer to Mariah's spot and profiled her. Meanwhile, he let her get on a different computer to work.

He's going to reformat the 'bad' computer (which came from Kris) and start over from scratch. This time we'll use Windows 7 in place of WinXP. Hopefully that will 'save' the unit. But it's been a pain recently!

Oh! Forgot to mention that I also planted the pansies we bought for the front bed. They look nice!

I'm not sure HOW I got my steps in today! Yes, I went around the outside of the house. And I walked around Freddies. But I got more than 5,000 steps somehow...

Tonight I spent quite some time at June's house. It's a very long story. Donn went over yesterday to fix her Gmail. He ended up changing some passwords (including her iTunes -- which appears to mess up her Apple ID). So I tried to get Gmail working again on her computer. And to figure out the whole password mess.

When I work on any given computer (friends and family), I also keep track of all the passwords I help set up -- just the way I do at the office. I figure if you can trust me to take care of your computer, you can also trust me to help manage your passwords. Plus it's been my experience that people don't tend to take good care of their passwords -- and I'm pretty organized about it. Anyway, I guess I'd never made that clear to Donn, because he should have checked with me before changing anything!

Anyway, I didn't get home until somewhere between 8:30 and 9:00 (closer to 9:00, I think). Marilyn had already eaten some dinner and was falling asleep on the sofa. I was starved, so I grabbed something to eat.

BAD NEWS: I broke Lent today! I totally forgot it was Friday (in the sense that I need to abstain from meat), so I ate chicken for lunch. (sigh) I don't know why it's so hard to remember... I feel awful about it, anyway. I know it's not really a big deal, but still.

Almost forgot! I talked to Rob and he and Jeff are planning to attend the party next week! So glad they are! He was very excited and supportive of PeeDee, too.

I made some interesting headway with the website today...

I'm forgetting things, but I'm too tired to care. More tomorrow. Marilyn and I might go to the Awakening of the Dragons tomorrow -- where they dot the eyes on the dragon boats!

Time for bed (long past!).

Fitbit Update: Marilyn got 7,089 steps and I got 5,031. (I'm not sure if that's correct for Marilyn. I needed to tap her Fitbit Zip, but it was around her neck and she was sound asleep, so... Close enough, I'm sure.)

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