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Exciting and Busy Thursday! PeeDee Selfies!

Today was our OPEN HOUSE day at the Rose Building (our office) for the public to drop by between 10:00 and 2:00 to take a 'selfie' with PeeDee the PDX Carpet -- our Starlight Parade Grand Marshal!

Needless to say, that alone made it a very busy day! The entire staff took turns being up front to greet and guide the public, and assist with the photo taking.

PLUS, we ended up with a lot of television cameras, plus reporters! The media is wild about this and giving us a TON of air time. (woo hoo)

Aside from this event, we still had a bunch of work to get done (as always).

I started my day dealing with the eNewsletter -- first, with swapping out for the version I fixed on Wednesday night (with the new sponsor logo). Then Mariah tells me that she can't get in to Cooler Email (our service), meaning there's no way to send out the eNewsletter. So I start trying to reach Oliver (my friend and contact), by phone, email and text. He finally gets back to me and tells me what to do. I proceed to do it, then I'm in touch with a support person. Finally I get it back up and working, so she can send. It basically took my ENTIRE MORNING!!! (yikes)

I had a bunch of website work to do. And Donn was in as we prepare for the new equipment which finally got okayed late the day before.

I asked Donn to deal with Mariah's issues. This turned out to be a much bigger deal than either of us expected! Anyway, he was still working on it when he departed for the day -- planning to come in first thing on Friday...

After 2:00, Marilyn and I walked out and had lunch. She had bento and I had a sandwich.

After work we were both really worn out, so we went to Safeway to grab some deli food, plus olives, for dinner.

I had a nap, and woke up in the middle of the night (2:00-ish) to do the garbage and recycling (including cleaning the cat boxes).

I discovered our ant problem was worse. There were ants all over the cats' food! (sigh) Such a pain! So I had to clean out their dishes and move them across the room. Then put a dish of 'ant' food out (cat food) to keep them for hunting out the new location. They stick with that bowl of food. Believe it or not, this almost always works! Thank God. It's never good when the cats can't eat! (And they aren't going near those damn ants!)

Marilyn slept through most of this. Then she woke up and we were awake until around 5:00 a.m. A pretty crazy day -- and certainly a busy one. This is just the highlights.


Here are some shots from the PDX Carpet Open House -- Photos with PeeDee

Kelly and Marilyn (Kelly is a long-time festival 'fan' who comes around every year. Marilyn and I have known her forever, but hadn't seen her in ages!)

Kelly and Charlie

Adeena and Christine (This is ADEENA, our young friend that I often talk about! She's our Rosie the Riveter this year. And Christine is often my 'partner in crime' -- helping me with IT and the website! I just love both of these women!)

Charlie and Donn (Yes, this is Donn, my IT Assistant and friend.)

Charlie and Marilyn

Charlie and Marilyn

Merlin and Rich (I talk about Rich all the time -- Merlin is his wife.)

And HERE is the link to the full album, for those interested.

Fitbit Update: Marilyn got 9,419 steps (she felt awful not to get 10,000!). And I got 7,017 steps.

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