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Sunday -- Movie on TV, TWD and Revenge (not!)z

TOTALLY ANNOYED. I just lost my entire damn entry!

Here's the thing: I really need to STOP using my iPad to blog. Because the iPad SUCKS for dealing with text! It's unfortunate, but quite true. And frankly, I think it's shameful that Apple doesn't find this a priority. I mean, we need to CREATE AND MANIPULATE TEXT all the time -- every single day! What the hell! Why wouldn't you WANT to make that easy (or at least easier)???

I had quite a long entry that blew up. But I'll now try to recreate it... (sigh)

Marilyn went this morning to drive and get us breakfast. While she was gone, I pulled myself together (got dressed and combed my hair and took meds). Then I worked on preparing my pills for the week, which takes a ton of time because I take so many medications and supplements. It's an annoying task, and often I can barely get myself to do it in advance. (I'll just grab out the pills when it's time to take it, which really isn't the best way to manage things.) Anyway, it's great to have that task out of the way for another week!

I was actually a little hung over this morning. At least, I felt a bit crummy -- and I'm assuming I had a bit too much beer last night. But you know what? It was great fun, and worth it! Hahaha. We don't drink very often, and rarely drink very much, so what the hell.

After she got back we decided to go for a ride, as it was looking decent outside (not pouring down rain). So we headed down to Sauvie Island. We were planning to get out and hike a bit -- working on getting our steps -- but it started to rain while we were there, so we changed our minds. Plus we wanted to get home to see the tennis.

It was the finals for both the women and men of the BNP Paribas Open (Indian Wells). Simona Halep beat Jelena Jankovic and Novak Djokovic defeated Roger Federer. (I'm always pulling for Roger, so that was a shame...) Anyway, that was hours of tennis.

We considered taking another drive, but it was pouring, so we decided not to. We also thought about going to the park (we live very close to a wonderful park) to walk, but again, decided against it. It was just basically a nasty day after it started raining...

We did go out and get some flowers for the front bed, though. We needed to replace our decorative kale, which has gone crazy in the past few weeks and is no longer attractive. We got a bunch of lovely pansies, but it was too nasty to plant them. I did go dig up the kale and stick it out back (for Hector to get rid of it), and raked out the bed. Then I pulled the flowers out of the back of the car and stuck them on the deck. Maybe I'll get a dry spell at some point this week so I can plant them!

We did watch Force 10 From Navarone," an old war film based loosely based on Alistair MacLean's 1968 novel, which I remember reading years ago, but I didn't really remember the plot. Apparently the movie isn't much like the book, anyway. Stars included Harrison Ford, Robert Shaw, Edward Fox, Carl Weathers, Barbara Bach, Franco Nero and Richard Kiel. It was pretty entertaining. (I especially enjoyed Shaw and Fox.) Good fun for a rainy afternoon.

We got on the treadmill to finish off our steps. And we actually watched "The Walking Dead" (we missed several weeks, believe it or not). This isn't a spoiler, as it happened LAST week -- but if you're going to be bothered, STOP READING NOW.

I'm really disgusted that they killed off Noah. Some things never seem to change on this damn series! If you're a black man, you'd better be prepared to DIE. Period.

But, frankly, that's all that Revenge is about, too! I won't spoil about the show tonight (didn't watch it), but they ARE killing someone. Yes, again. They just killed off a character last week, for that matter. I always say that Revenge is pretty much no different than The Walking Dead. It's all about death.

It's funny, because in Instagram fandom, many Revenge fandom accounts will post an entry that has photos of all the main characters -- and then you're supposed to pick who should 'go' off. And they'll cross people out, one by one. I find that behavior annoying -- but who would have guessed that would be the mentality of the writers and producers? (I really had no clue they all think like teenage girls...) Of course, you can't blame the deaths on TWD on teen girl behavior -- it's more about teenage boys. Hahaha.

Look, don't get me wrong. I can see the need for some death on any series. Death is realistic. But why has the death of characters become the focus of story lines? Are you telling me they can't come up with a decent plot unless they kill someone off constantly? It's poor writing. It's lazy. It's annoying for fans. It's shameful.

But that's only my own opinion. I guess many people must enjoy it. They keep watching. Marilyn and I have gotten to the point where we can barely watch these two shows that we used to love...

Fitbit Update: Marilyn got 5,400 steps. I got 5,258 steps.

Talked to sister Sue who got back from her trip. She said Candy had the wrong idea and she and her friend Larry are ONLY friends (and not romantically involved). That actually made sense to both Marilyn and me, as we felt she would have told us if there was something more. Plus this friend just lost his wife a few months back...

Well, I guess that's it for today!

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