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Busy Thursday -- Photos of Marilyn and More

So, my focus today was working on photos of Marilyn. It's hard to believe how long that takes. But our scanner works at the speed it works, and as slow as that seems, it's actually quite good. I'm sure this is the best scanner we've ever had, and it's one built in to our printer. We used to have those big old stand-alone scanners that took up tons of space...

Anyway, I stuck with it and got a bunch of photos scanned.

I also really needed to work on organizing my home email, which has been out of control. It gets crazy, what with work email, home email, my yahoo email and email on my iPad. (I have it on my iPhone, but rarely ever check it there. It's so much easier on my iPad.) To be more clear, I get hundreds of emails -- much of it SPAM -- at the office. And that account forwards into my yahoo and then to home. Anyway, I really can't afford to let it go for weeks. It's even hard if I go too many days.

So now it's much better, if not perfect. But I seriously need to keep on top of it!

As for other projects, I was working on the festival website. It's difficult to really explain, but the Milk Carton Boat Race is back as a highlight event this year. So they not only get what's called an EVENT page (meaning a given event is on our Calendar), but they're being added to our major navigation. That meant I needed their page to conform to other main pages. So I had to 'fix' the Event logo, find a Sponsor logo, get a full-size photo to go across the page and so on.

Then once it was done, I needed to actually add it to the menu, which is more difficult than it sounds. It was funny, getting it in the proper spot on the dropdown! At one point I had it in the totally WRONG place! Hahaha.

And today was garbage day (real garbage day), so I had to get all the recycling and garbage out and done, and clean the cat boxes. The good thing about that is that I seem to get ton of steps in while doing all of it. (I also had old cat food to put out for the critters, plus old bread for my crows. And some old apples and other food for the composting...)

I did take time out to try and contact Hector and Sandy about Marilyn's party. He was supposed to phone me back, but he never did. (sigh)

I also emailed our friend Shari. I need to remember to ask her if she'll be able to come out for the party.

I even posted a couple of times at Facebook, for a change.

And at one point I called Jeff to congratulate him his house. We had a nice chat.

So after work, Marilyn and I went shopping to pick up just a few things, some for dinner.

We had dinner around 8:00, and we were both starved!

Anyway, Marilyn and I were both tired again tonight (surprise). So after eating, I laid down and was going to read myself to sleep. I remember Henry crawling under the covers with me, and petting him, and that's it. Marilyn just told me that Henry rope-a-doped on me! Hahaha.

She woke me before midnight to finish my steps, but somehow I'd already managed to get them! I didn't have them after the store, but must have gotten them while walking around when fixing dinner... I guess she did the treadmill before she woke me. So she got her 5,000 done -- but it was supposed to be a 10,000 step night for her...

We had to race to get our steps in before midnight! (First me, then Marilyn.) We had both fallen asleep and were lucky to wake up just in time for jumping on the treadmill.

Fitbit Update: Marilyn did 5,300 steps. I did 4,071 steps.

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