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Partitioned Hard Drive -- Crazy Wednesday -- Photos of Marilyn

Today was crazy. Yes, again. Do you see a trend here? I knew in advance that this would be a busy, busy week. It's hard to believe it's only Wednesday!

Donn had to deal with our most recent Quickbooks issue today. Then he needed to fix Robin's clock on her computer, which seemed like a small thing to tackle. Boy, was THAT a wrong assumption! (I swear Donn and I talked more than a dozen times about IT issues.)

Meanwhile, I needed to make sure Robin's phone was working, so Christine and I were going back and forth via email and chatting. (Long story short, there are TWO passwords that need to be reset to the default -- which hopefully I've now made clear for the future...)

And as always, I also had work to do on the festival website...

Plus I changed Steven's settings on his email -- he received a 'full' message from Outlook.

Then I did a bunch of research about the Exchange. We need to make some serious changes with how we handle email. I was in the Server for ages.

I also needed to change access to the K: drive (where we have our financial and HR files). It's more complicated than it sounds. Thankfully I keep very good notes on how these IT tasks are done.

Good news: Jeff signed his house papers today!

I put in HOURS and HOURS on finding photos of Marilyn for Leslie -- I saw her at the selection yesterday, and promised her I'd get on it. Part of it was going through physical photos and started to scan them. And part of it was locating digital photos and moving them into one location. When I get all of these in one folder, then I'll winnow them out. Hopefully I'll get time to go through them with Marilyn before turning them over to Leslie. I guess Leslie is created a PowerPoint, as well as a book of photo memories.

I did find some great photos! It's a lot of work gathering them, but it will be nice having them in one spot...

Anyway, Marilyn had a very stressful day. She didn't even get a chance to start on the scripts for Living History, as planned. I can't begin to imagine what she deals with every day. People just seem to swarm her office, and I'm not kidding.

She did have her lunch with Gail and Marcia today. Marcia's having some health issues, but seeing the doctor again this Friday. Marilyn talked Gail into getting a Fitbit, so I'll setting it up for her after she gets it.

I'm going to work at home tomorrow, trying to stay entirely focused on the photos -- and hopefully avoid both IT and the website for one day (if possible!!!).

I did do some website work today. And I didn't finish discussing the big problem with Robin's machine!

Donn discovered that her hard drive had been partitioned! The area for the system files is too small, which is causing a ton of issues. There is absolutely NO GOOD REASON to do this! And nobody should have done something like this without telling me, as IT Manager. We have to assume that Stephanie either did this herself, or had a friend do it. It's a shocking breach of policy. Of course, Stephanie is no longer with us, so she doesn't have to face a hard conversation that would be happening if she was still on our staff.

We think we know WHY and WHEN she did it, but if she'd asked us we could have told her it wouldn't fix the problem she was having. Anyway, it's a big mess.

I'm so glad Donn figured it out. Next he has to try using software to fix this. Otherwise he'll have to reformat and reinstall WinXP -- which we'd love to avoid. This 'mistake' is costing us time and money. So annoying.

Poor sister Sue had to have major car work done. It was quite spendy...

Marilyn and I were so tired again tonight. We had to race to get our steps in before midnight! (First me, then Marilyn.) We had both fallen asleep and were lucky to wake up just in time for jumping on the treadmill.

Fitbit Update: Marilyn did 5,092 steps. I did 4,038 steps.

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