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Crazy Busy Tuesday!!! Roosevelt's Princess and IYSFF Jurying

Yes, it was another busy and crazy day...

I was so very tired last night that I just couldn't face washing my hair, much less coloring it. But I did look around for green things for us to wear to work today! I found some things, but not the pin I've had for years...

This morning, Marilyn suggested I stay home and color my hair, and that she'd come home later to get me for the Roosevelt Princess selection -- and I was great with that.

I spent part of the morning again searching for my pin, which I finally found! (woo hoo) And I picked up the kitchen and did a load of dishes, as well as picking up both my bedroom and my bathroom.

I was also working on the festival website. I was anxious to learn how to manage the navigation (menu). Once Brit told me I could without any different access, I jumped in and started teaching myself HOW to do that! And I created a mock-up for the new Official Charity page -- so we'll be ready to go with that. I struggled with the sub menu, but David wrote and explained to me how that worked. So I learned a lot about the website today. I was so excited and pleased that I was jumping up and down!

I also spoke to Christine several times, and then to Steven about IT. My phone 'meeting' with Marilyn and Carol ended up being just a quick call to Marilyn, instead.

I did color my hair, and got my uniform ready to wear. Plus packed up a shirt to change into later (so I didn't need to wear the uniform to jurying later on.

Marilyn came home and got me, then we went to Roosevelt's Princess selection. This was a big deal, as it was the LAST time it would ever happen in the current auditorium. The program included appearances of a large group of former princesses, plus Queen Kristi Lee (from my year, by the way!). There was a PowerPoint presentation of every princess and queen, ever, from Roosevelt. It was very moving.

Nicole was there. She and I texted, so I know she could see me, even though I couldn't see her...

Marilyn and I were both announced as staff, and alumni.

Afterwards, I went on stage and adjusted the crown of the new princess for photos. And I handed out a bunch of 2015 team pins. Then we went to the reception, and chatted with several people. Finally we headed back to work.

By the way, we were SO PLEASED about our friend Shari! She did get our package for St. Parick's Day today, and she called and left us a message, and also emailed us! Marilyn was just delighted! We'd been afraid it might not get there in time, so it was great that she got it. Just a perfect thing, as we so wanted her to have those things.

Next up we had our Creative Team meeting, which is always good. It was a lively discussion, as always.

I've failed to mention poor Jeff! He was originally supposed to sign his house papers last Friday. Then it was supposed to happen Monday. And then today! He has a moving truck for Thursday, but no key to the house, as yet. Poor guy...

After that, Marilyn and I walked to McDonald's for sandwiches (to go). Then up to Jurying for the Internation Youth Silent Film Festival. It was quite a walk in the pouring rain! I'm sure glad my new jacket has a hood! Marilyn took an umbrella, thankfully! We met Josie there, who was also soaked.

Jurying was very cool! Marilyn and I love seeing thos films.

Before leaving the office, Shelley came to me with yet more Quickbook issues. So I called Donn to come in tomorrow to deal with our new Quickbook problems! Plus he needs to fix the clock on Robin's computer.

OH! He's also planning to go by and fix sister Sue's computer clock! I just remembered that I was supposed to let her know that... (sigh)

Tomorrow (Wednesday) is the Metro Princess selection near the office (we can also walk to that).

We REALLY need to get ready for Friday's announcement! And Friday we'll be making the announcement out at the Portland Airport.

When we got back to the office we ate our small cheese burgers, before driving home. Happily the walk back to the office was DRY! But it was pouring again when we headed to the car.

My dinner was again brown rice and vegetables. Marilyn ate her leftover refried beans. We were both starved again, in spite of those burgers...

I was chilled this evening, so I took a quick bath. I wanted to soak in the tub, but Henry kept screaming at me, so I got out. Not sure why, but he freaks out when I take a bath and he knows!

I was again so tired that I went to take a nap and just was totally OUT. (Yes, I'm blogging late again.)

Fitbit Update: Marilyn did 7,163 steps. I did 8,050 steps. (That walk to jurying gave us both a bunch of steps!!!)

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