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Poor Sick Marilyn...

Poor Marilyn!!! She's so sick today. She has some virus and she's really miserable. She says she was exposed to something last week by Steven. Actually, a couple of people in the office have had bugs, so I guess it's no surprise, really.

She's very frustrated, considering how sick both of us were in November and December. But I feel we were compromised. That does make it easier to catch things when they come along.

She actually got sick last night. She'd been a bit stuffed up earlier, but later she was full-blown awful. (I got up several times during the night to check on her.) Anyway, she's really suffering today. I feel so bad for her. She was so sick we didn't even watch any movies today. (Often when one or both of us is sick, we end up watching a movie -- or several movies.)

She did sleep a lot, which is good for her...

They cancelled two meetings today at work, because she couldn't be there. (I don't know what they'd do without her.)

She's very disappointed about not getting her steps in today, but sick is sick. I feel bad for her, but it can't be helped. But amazingly enough, I was able to get my steps today. I did go up and down stairs a lot -- then I just walked around and around the house several times.

I had to do a bunch of work today, mostly via emails. But I did speak to Ariel, Steven and Donn (aboutt the website, missing folders on the server and installing the new Quickbook this coming Friday). I also was in touch with Brit and David from Fish (about the website) and with Rich about entering events at the website (and more missing folders on the server). I sent out an email to the entire Staff to remind them to right-click, copy and paste, rather than dragging and dropping -- something I have to do every so often...

There's really nothing else to share today.

I hope Marilyn starts feeling a little better tomorrow.

Henry seems to be very sneezy, too, poor little guy.

Fitbit Update: I did 4,112 steps today (somehow).

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