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Back to Our Portland House -- Touring Jeff's New Home

I can't believe I didn't blog about our amazing hike from yesterday (Sunday). It was such a wonderful experience! Plus it was very cool getting all those steps, I have to say.

Anyway, both Marilyn and I were glad we'd taken hot baths and really soaked. We're sore today, but I bet it would have been pretty horrible with the baths!

This morning we got up and started the process for heading home: Cleaning up around the house, taking out the garbage and the recycling, and sweeping up. Plus doing some dishes and tidying up the kitchen and so on.

Then we packed and hauled things to the car.

The last thing is getting the cats into their carriers and ready to go. As usual, Colin hid under Marilyn's bed. But Henry put himself into his carrier.

We took the 'short' way home, because we had an appointment with Jeff in the afternoon and were worried about getting home in time. We'd never taken the cats that way before. Colin cried more than normal, but it seemed to go okay.

It's much faster, saving us around an hour. We both prefer the other drive, though, so I think we'll probably stick with our fave drive.

After we unpacked and got the cats settled in, we headed over to see Jeff's new house in Vancouver, Washington. He's way, way out there. It's almost rural, with a lot of trees and even some barns. He's on a corner lot with some nice views. It's really a wonderful house, with a lot of space. The master bedroom has two big closets, lots of room and a great en suite. They have a 'mother-in-law suite they're using for the two teenage girls that has another en suite. Pretty nice! Great yard (but really big), with a covered patio, firepit and spot for a jacuzzi (it wasn't there yet). He really has a terrific house. Marilyn pushed him and pushed him, and we're both delighted for him. He has his own den (office), which will be a great get-away for him. Plus they have a media room...

GPS helped us find it perfectly -- then got us back home again! I must admit I love that feature of my cell phone! It sure makes it tons easier to get to places.

When we got home we were just sitting around for a bit. I was still so tired after yesterday that I just went in for a nap. And I slept for HOURS.

Fitbit Update: Marilyn did 6,200 steps today. I only did 2,079 today. I was really worn out from yesterday, so I'm trying hard not to mind. It is disappointing, though, after doing so well yeterday... Marilyn got right on the treadmill and went until midnight to get her steps in. She's very dedicated.

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