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Amazing Day: Long Hike and 16,000 Steps!

Marilyn and I took a wonderful hike today! We walked more than four miles total on this trail, which added up to LOADS of Fitbit steps.

I'm too tired tonight to go into details -- and I do want to share -- so I'll blog about it tomorrow. Right now Marilyn and I are both on the edge of falling asleep as we watch "Revenge" (which continues to be ANNOYING as hell, by the way).

Fitbit Update: Both Marilyn and I made 16,000 steps today. Yes, the zeroes are correct! That's my first time for 10,000 steps (you get a Fitbit badge for that), so obviously this was my first time for 15,000 steps (Fitbit gives you a badge for that, too). We're both really proud and delighted.

And it was a beautiful day at the beach! More like a spring, or even a summer day. Wonderful!

This evening we went into Seaside and walked around. We wanted to see if we could find a couple of t-shirts. I found one, but Marilyn didn't.

Then we went to the bar at the Shilo and had margaritas and food (she had a nacho, I had a burger). We had talked about ice cream (we can have sweets on Sundays, but haven't done that even once so far), but decided not to have any. We still might have jello, though...

Anyway, we're heading to bed.

Yes, we stayed down an extra night. We sort of discussed coming back Monday morning with Marilyn's assistant on Friday, even though we hadn't decided for sure. But we were way too tired to pack up and drive home today, after our hike. So we said 'what the heck' and stayed. We'll go back to work tomorrow afternoon.

Both cats seem happy to be here. So all four of us are very happy!

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