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Manicures, Pedicures -- AND a Trip to the Beach

I slept in until almost 9:00 this morning. When I got up, I discovered Marilyn was gone. She left me a note saying she was taking a walk in the park, and she had my phone.

We were both so tired Friday night that we fell asleep and didn't wake up again, as planned. We were looking forward to eating a late night pizza as a 'snack' and watching some TV. Oh well.

That was why Marilyn's cell phone didn't get charged, by the way.

That was also why I didn't take my night time meds -- meaning my blood count this morning was much higher than the last few days. (sigh) But thankfully I'd taken out my contacts earlier, so I didn't sleep in them.

I didn't charge any of my devices, either, but thankfully my cell phone still had a decent level. Well, anything beats being dead, I guess!

We were planning to be at our nail place at 10:00, but I needed to do my pills and it takes me ages! (I had to call about one pill with no more refills. My high blood pressure pill, like my nurse practitioner is suddenly going to stop that med without telling me!

We headed over closer to 10:30, but it was good timing. We didn't have to wait very long for our pedicures. Funny note: Previously the least expensive pedicure package included paraffin -- which Marilyn and I both like. They've made paraffin $3 more, so we went with the sea salt scrub, instead. Apparently they think people will pay more for paraffin, but I really doubt it. And frankly, I think the scrub is more work. It's just funny.

We were there at just the right time. People kept coming in and they were packed full. And more people came and they kept telling them to come back later.

Unfortunately, the layout doesn't work well for a lot of customers. The stations are too close together...

Anyway, we got both our pedicures and manicures done.

When we got home we packed up, then left around 2:30 for the beach house. Colin cried quite a bit going down...

We stopped in Astoria at Safeway to get gas, someplace we've never been before! It was fate. When we rolled down the windows we could hear barking. The service station attendant told us it was California sea lions!!! So we got out of the car and walked over where we could get a better look. It was really cool!!!

I guess a lot of people are annoyed that they're eating too many fish, but it was fun seeing them.

We got to the beach house while it was still light. Marilyn wanted to lie in her room and enjoy the sunshine.

When I let the cats out, I realized they had both spilled there water. Poor Colin was soaked. No wonder he was crying. Henry was wet, too. And I had to clean out their crates. What a mess. We need a better way to give them water, I guess...

We went shopping soon after arriving, as we needed a few things.

Tonight Marilyn and the cats were all sleeping, while I iMessaged with my friend June. (We even Facetimed a little bit...)

Anyway, it's nice to get away. We're not sure if we're going home tomorrow (probably), or waiting until Monday morning to head back (maybe).

Fitbit Update: Marilyn did 5,447 steps today. I did 5,007. As I mentioned, Marilyn actually got up this morning and went for a walk in the park. As for me, I'd been worried I wouldn't get my 4,000, so I'm really pleased! I guess it was all the up and down the stairs in Portland packing, and on the stairs here at the beach...

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