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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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Busy Day -- and Lunch With Sue 

Busy, busy day! I spent the morning on festival stuff, plus I cleaned up the kitchen and did a load of dishes.

Sister Sue and I talked for ages on the phone. Then she took me to lunch. I had pasta and salad. She also took me shopping, where I just grabbed a few items, like creamer.

I talked to Donn. I'm planning to have him at the office on Friday.

In the afternoon I gathered the garbage and took it out. And took out a bunch of recycling, too. Plus I called our neighbor to get our cans.

My blood count today was excellent -- I'm really pleased.

I wrote a lengthy tutorial about Paint Shop Pro for Christine in the afternoon. Then I got a good start on a second one. Hopefully I'll finish it tomorrow. We'd spent quite a long time going over PSP yesterday, so I wanted to follow it up.

I had several phone calls from the office -- and I wanted to be on hand to support Christine as she did the second Princess at the website. She did a great job, by the way!

I talked to Rich and Carol, too.

Then I finally had time to go over and see June and Jim. Jim very kindly fixed Marilyn's little Dirt Devil vacuum, that she loves. The belt had come loose.

June showed me her computer, which Donn just fixed. WOW. Is it ever FAST now! Whew.

And I took over the keyboard from Marilyn. It was Marilyn's old keyboard for the iPad Air, so it fits June's iPad. (Marilyn gave one old iPad keyboard to Carol, and another to Jeff. She's been very generous with her keyboards!) I think June's really going to enjoy it.

I had planned to have Donn get her a charging cable, but I found one tonight. So she should be good to go.

Dinner tonight was refried beans...

Just got out of a soak in a hot bath -- lovely.

I have a lot of work for the festival piling up. I really need to get things done! I'll be on it tomorrow...

Fitbit Update: Marilyn did 15,055 steps today! Isn't that wonderful??? I'm so impressed! I did 4,173 steps. That's not bad, considering I didn't get al that many steps in just walking today. (I had to do the treadmill tonight.) I'm pleased with how we're doing, anyway. And excited to see how many people we know are interested in Fitbit...

March 5, 2015 (Thursday) 02:34 pm (UTC)
It was great fun to be with you yesterday. I loved our visit over lunch. I am very proud of both of you with your steps. Wow Marilyn really did a lot. She must be feeling better with all of that I hope. With the festival getting very busy this will be good for both of you to stay active. I did get points last night, no money, but the points were needed to keep me in first place. This Saturday we are going down to Salem for the National tourney and I hope to do well there and get more points. Larry came in second and Tammy was first. We had five people get points. I must go get Nicole up now.