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Another Busy Day -- Plus a New Tire

Today was another long and tiring day, Once again both Marilyn and I fell asleep after dinner. Thankfully we both had our steps by then. It's nearly 2:00 a.m. and I'll have to back date -- yes, again.

We started the day having service from Subaru come out to put the spare on the car. Two people came. The woman was Patty (we never heard who the man was). Those little donuts (I call them toy tires) aren't meant for driving around. Marilyn couldn't get an appointment until Thursday, so we decided to go straight to Les Schwab Tires on Lombard. They said it would take half an hour, but it took more than an hour. Here's the amazing thing: They fixed our tire, and there was no charge! No charge for the service call (part of our lease) or fixing the tire! The tire had a piece of metal, and two nails in it.

So we missed Staff meeting, but it turns out it was short -- only half an hour. And we did the Communications meeting yesterday, so no worries.

My focus was again on website today. I spent time working on changes and so on.

Marilyn, Angel and I walked out to Starbucks (I didn't get anything there), then to Anne's Deli (I got pop and a sandwich). Marilyn's stomach was still bothering her, so she didn't have any food all day, poor thing.

Rich was back from OFEA in the afternoon with our award. And in time for the first Princess announcement. Christine did her part, Mariah did social media, Rich did the press release.

I spent time with Christine, teaching her how to use PSP for the Princess image. It was a good session.

And I worked with Angel on the Clown page.

Marilyn was quite busy, of course, as she always is...

Another Princess will be announced tomorrow...

I need to type up several sets of of instructions soon. I was too tired to start on those tonight, though.

We did get home at a decent hour -- and it was still light outside! Today was a beautiful, if COLD, day.

Marilyn got Amazon Prime yesterday. Wow, is it cool! If you have WiFi, you can stream TV and movies. Really amazing.

I don't know what else I'm forgetting. We should head to bed soon. I'm just yawning and yawning...

It's interesting how people seem to want me to be at the office every day, by the way. Always asking if I'll be there tomorrow. I guess I should be flattered. There is a lot for me to do, and they rely on me for help with the website and other projects. I'm glad I can be helpful and supportive...

Fitbit Update: Marilyn made 5,400 steps. I made 5,144 steps, again without the treadmill. That staircase at work is amazing.

Time for bed!

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