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We Survived the Winter Board Meeting...

Actually, the Winter Board Meeting (which officially started at 5:30) went very well. So we did more than merely survive it. That was a bit tongue in cheek...

We got to the Rose Room at the Moda Center (where we held the Board Meeting back in the Centennial year of 2007 -- a lovely venue) before 5:00 p.m. The amusing thing was that we wanted to open the bar right away -- but the bartender wouldn't open until 5:30. Steven was annoyed. He said to me, "We're paying her, right?" I couldn't argue with that logic!

And naturally people were arriving early (starting at 5:00), as they always do for any of our Board Meetings...

The day was a busy and long one. I took Stephanie to coffee (it was her last day), then met with her to discuss the website. She's been training people, so I wanted to find out if she knew anything I didn't know. She had no knowledge at all about the most complicated part of the website (Events, which is basically the Calendar), which surprised me (but probably shouldn't have). She was mostly teaching people how to edit Pages and add images, including sponsor logos and links.

Anyway, mainly it confirmed my existing notes, so that was valuable.

I did some other website work and went through my email. Around noon Marilyn and I headed home for our lunch break. Then we headed back to work. I tried to fix an issue Christine and Rich were having with the two videos they were going to be playing during the PowerPoint presentation for tonight.

It was two-fold. First, we use Win 7 on the laptop. It won't open more than one instance of Windows Media Player. So I downloaded QuickTime and then set all .mov videos to default to that application. The other video was a .wmv, so I left it set for Windows Media Player. Meaning both videos would open in differing applications.

Next, I was trying to STOP the .wmv from autoplaying when opened. (Interesting. LiveJournal finds autoplaying as a word not spelled correctly. It's proper in MY world, however!)

There are several steps involved in halting the autoplay feature. I went in more than once and used these steps -- and even did a restart of the computer. But no matter what I did, I couldn't stop that movie from playing immediately when opened! I have to assume that this was the way the film was designed, which is stupid. One should never make a video autoplay! But we figured out a work-around for dealing with it.

It was a frustrating waste of time, but I did the best I could do, anyway...

I also took a short walk with Rich to get pop and a snack... The more steps the merrier.

The Board Meeting included both food (!!!) and drink (!!!). This hasn't been a given for several years, so it was really special. Festival wine and beer were hosted, plus there was a no-host bar for mixed drinks. The food was really nice! Marilyn and I each had a Bloody Mary (and later I had a beer, too). We have a two-drink limit for Staff, which works out just fine. Because this was a private (not public) event, we were okay drinking in our uniforms. Normally if we're in uniform, we're not allowed to drink.

This was a uniform event so that Board and Staff photos could be taken, and our official photographer Vern was there with a ladder to take these.

During the meeting, we reviewed finances (as always) and had messages from Frank (our president) and Jeff (our CEO). Marilyn spoke to discuss our official charity for this year, then introduce Susan who was there to represent the charity.

Anyway, everything went well, with only a few minor mishaps. Angel was there as the Clown Prince, and did a great job. And it was nice to see all our friends on the board. Thom's wife had chemo today, but is doing well (her birthday is next week). I really love that man! He's amazing. And Jim was there looking really good after recovering from his stroke. He's going to give me lists of ships that have come to Portland for the festival, starting in the year 1980. (Which is not to say that this is when ships started to come here, but rather that he HAS the information recorded for all the years starting with 1980.) He has two lists -- one by order of ships, the other is a chron list. I told him I'd be glad to make these into PDFs and share them at the website.

I'm forgetting a lot of details. Anyway, we took Angel back to the office to change and left there at 8:40 (June actually texted me just as we were driving out of the parking lot). It was raining as we headed to the car -- so glad it didn't rain before that.

From there we went to gas the car. Then we needed to stop at the store and pick up a few things.

We got home and got something to drink (we were both so dry!) and changed out of our uniforms. Then we just sat around a bit, relaxing. It was a long, tiring day. These meetings are generally intense, interacting with everyone. And Marilyn had a role, besides. (Plus I had some issues during the meeting with a co-worker...)

Then Marilyn needed to do the treadmill to get her steps. So I read out loud to her. I already had my steps from walking during the day.

Fitbit Update: Marilyn got 7,800 (!!!) steps today! She was under 4,000 when she started the treadmill. I got 7,155 steps in without the treadmill, believe it or not...

Well, we should head to bed. We're both tired. And Marilyn has several meetings in the morning. I feel like I'm forgetting things, but that's most of our day, anyway...

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