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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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Focus on the Festival Website, 
computer power

I had a very productive -- and very BUSY -- day.

My focus was on the festival website -- and getting a better grip on WordPress. Again, forget what people have told you about WordPress being easy -- because it's NOT. Remember, I learned how to code websites by hand (without using software). And I've been able to learn a lot about IT (and how to manage it). I'm self-taught on the computer, and as a computer consultant. So I may not be the brightest bulb around, but I'm not an idiot, either...

But this stuff is not easy to learn!

So when I found out what FISH wanted in the way of cash to give us some written support, I decided I just needed to step in and write a manual myself. Besides, I've been writing tutorial materials since 2002, so I have a lot of experience. And I know how to carefully make these step by step.

Today one of the people at FISH answered a couple of questions I'd posed. The answers are so complicated that I'd be better off not knowing! Fortunately I'll be able to write things up that others will be able to understand and follow. If we don't have that, why bother at all?

Christine and Rich and I worked on this quite a bit today. Here was our main focus: We needed to take a multi-day event, and remove all the Mondays. It sounds pretty simple, but it's far from it!

I finally had to phone Steven and confirm what I'd sort of reasoned out. Then I still had to call David when we had issues.

For whatever reason, when we use the 'hide' feature to remove a day, it would suddenly also 'hide' other days that we absolutely had NOT altered! So we had to keep going in to 'fix' the other days. I'm telling you, this was in NO WAY our error! It's something hinky that WordPress was doing...

David's suggestion did NOT fix the problem, by the way. But we gave up and just decided we'd manually go into every single day if necessary to resolve the problem.

I also spent ages organizing my home office. It's been awhile since I did that. For one thing, I haven't been using it as much as I used to. But today I spent a lot of time in here -- and I'm typing this on my desktop (for a change), instead of using my iPad.

During my lunch break, I did the treadmill, walking for half an hour! I was proud of myself. And I got in a bunch of additional steps while starting the garbage and recycling. Tomorrow is garbage day, but I'll be at work. Plus tomorrow afternoon/evening is our Board Meeting, so we'll be there late. Anyway, I figured it wouldn't hurt to get a jump on it. I got all the garbage out and the recycling. I still need to clean the cat boxes and do the composting, but otherwise I'm good!

There's really not much more to report.

I did start typing up WordPress instructions. And I even coded one page for our How To website. I'm thinking it would be nice to have these instructions cyber, rather than printed out. We have a habit of losing printed instructions, I find...

Besides, if I put certain things that people could copy and paste there, it would simplify things. You can't copy and paste from a sheet of paper!

Well, we'll see how it goes. I really need to crank out some materials RIGHT NOW!

I had white beans for lunch with tea. And a lot of coffee today, too. And Marilyn and I had a healthy veggie pizza for dinner (very late).

Marilyn must be exhausted! She didn't get home until almost 8:30 tonight!

I'm dead tired right now. Today took lots of mental concentration. And I got some exercise and other work, too. I can't wait to go to bed tonight!

I should be washing my hair, but I'm just going to skip it. I just washed it yesterday, so it should be fine, even though I sweated in it today on the treadmill.

Sister Sue went out today to celebrate her friend Nancy's birthday. I'd have loved to see Nancy (it's been years for me). I hope they enjoyed it!

Friend June took her computer to Donn's house -- he has a workshop there. Hopefully he'll be able to figure out what's wrong with the machine and fix it soon...

Fitbit Update: Marilyn did 12,600 steps -- amazing!!! I'm pretty pleased with my 7,049, too. Not a bad day for steps!

(I'm thinking about going to 4,000 steps a day for March... But I'll change that back pretty quick if it presses me too much. I don't want to get discouraged, because I'm very motivated right now!)

That was my day. I still want to go back and 'fill in' missing days, but I somehow doubt I will. (sigh) It's hard once you let them get away from you!

February 26, 2015 (Thursday) 10:26 am (UTC)
Well I did a very bad thing. Came home from the lunch with Nancy and Susan and had not slept much at all last night. Laid down for a nap fell fast asleep and did not wake up in time to go to the office to get the key for cribbage. I tried to reach the manager, but they had left the park, so had to go up and wait for people to come and tell they we could not play tonight. People were quite upset with me, but I am always there for them, so they can just get over it. I did feel very bad about it all, but once you have made the mistake it is too late to fix it. I should have set an alarm of course.

Sounds like you did very well on everything today. Nancy did just love her wine glass and so did Susan her daughter. I wish I would have had another one to give to Susan, but we are out of them now. I gave mine to Tammy as she fell in love with it when she saw it. You were so nice to give all of those to Candy and she gave them to all of her friends. Thank you so much for being so wonderful to us.
February 27, 2015 (Friday) 02:06 am (UTC)
I hope you both get some rest!