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Lovely Sunday at Our Beach House

Marilyn and I slept in late this morning. We both seem to sleep so well here. Maybe it's that thing about the sea air. Or maybe it's just because we're able to relax so much.

After we finally got up and dressed and ready to go, we headed over to Long Beach, Washington. (We backtrack to Astoria, Oregon, then cross the bridge there and drive to Long Beach. Marilyn had decided last Tuesday that she wanted to go to Marsh's Free Museum when she came across a Jake the Alligator Man pencil in her office. We haven't been there in ages before going today.

It's actually pretty cool. They have tons of souvenir items for sale, which is how they make money. We each got a t-shirt and a couple other items -- that have pretty cool stuff, plus tons of beachy things (signs, shells and so on).

The museum part is awesome! Wonderful old arcade-type machines that still work!!! We love getting quarters, dimes and nickles and then playing various machines. Games and musical machines. Many date from the decades near the turn of the century. There's a cool baseball game from the 30's. And there's Jake! And the two-headed calf and lots of wooden Indians and other wooden figures. Plus vintage tools and items hanging on all the walls. It's great fun!

Then we went to the beach there and took a walk, to get in some steps. They have a cool boardwalk, plus a bunch of amazing paths. And you can even drive on the beach ther (but we didn't do that today). It was a beautiful, sunny day, but it was a bit chilly when we were walking.

After that, we headed back to Seaside and went to Pig 'N Pancake for dinner (around 4:00). We had clams, very yummy.

Marilyn went for a walk after we got home -- she needed to finish her steps.

Anyway, we goofed off a bit. Then the plan was we'd take a nap, and go to see a movie later. We started watching the pre-Oscar stuff, and the the Oscars. But I had a drink, and I was already tired. So we headed upstairs to nap, and I crashed soon after. I couldn't say about Marilyn, but I know she saw a bunch of the Oscars that I missed. I did see the opening stuff and some of the major awards, plus the end.

I'm a Neil Patrick Harris fan, but I thought he was an awful host. Maybe it was the script, but he really wasn't working for me...

Tonight we watched The Walking Dead and goofed off. We decided just to stay home, and not go out after all.

We're heading to bed soon.

We have Monday off work, but we'll need to head home to Portland at some point.

Anyway, this has been a lovely mini-vacation. So fun to be here at our beach house again! (I'm hoping we'll come more often in 2014. We barely got here last year.)

Fitbit Update: Marilyn made 5,662 steps today, and I made 4,159 steps. Not as impressive as yesterday, but it's not as easy to get the steps in here...

And that's Sunday.

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