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A Happy Saturday!!!

We slept in, which was nice, considering I had trouble sleeping last night. I was sore -- I guess from cleaning out our two fridges on Thursday. (I had to crouch, squat, kneel and get up and down, ver and over. (My feet and legs were especially sore!)

We got ready (wearing our uniforms), then headed down town to the memorial. Finding parking was a real bitch, I'm telling you! It took us ages.

It was a long service, so we took off after an hour and 45 minutes. Marilyn spoke on behalf of the festival and did an excellent job.

We came home and changed -- then tried to get an appointment for our nails. Finally we blew it off (we would have had to wait too long). So we packed up and headed for the beach. Colin had a rough ride and threw up. (But it was a big fur ball, so he probably would have thrown up anyway.)

We gave them each a bowl of food. Not good for Colin, but it seemed to make Henry's ride much more pleasant.

After we got here, Marilyn cleaned ut the fridge. Then we made a big list and went shopping.

We ate snacks this evening -- it was lovely.

We're so glad to be here!

Marilyn and I walked on the beach at 10:00 p.m. -- and it was amazing!!! The sky was beautifully clear and we could see a million stars! I've never seen anything like that on the Seaside beach! The tide was way, way out, so we walked and walked. We needed the steps for Fitbit, and what a great way to get them!

Fitbit Update: I did 7,751 steps today (!!!), and Marilyn did around 6,000.

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