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Busy, Busy Day -- So TIRED!!!

What a super BUSY day!

So, last night (late) I figured out (resolved) the major issue Mariah was having with the eNewsletter. I logged in at the Cooler Email service and found she hadn't opted in with her festival email address -- which is easy to do. And it was showing Marissa as having unsubbed last May. We kept having issues last year with people supposedly unsubscribing, which is ridiculous, by the way. Anyway, I could manually opt in for her, and I could manually subscribe, as well. Then I sent out the test...

First thing this morning I was back at it. I spent hours assisting with the code and checking for errors (etc.). I'm picky about punctuation mistakes, for example -- and I like to try and explain the reasoning, so that a person can improve for the future.

Anyway, we were still at it past noon (always the hoped-for deadline). I had to tweak out code until the last second, no surprise. I think it's great her first edition went out so close to noon, personally...

I also spent a TON of time on the website, which is VERY, VERY frustrating right now. If someone tells you that using WordPress for a website is easy, don't believe them! I'm a relatively intelligent person who managed the website for years, and I'm really struggling with this...

I decided to bite the bullet and clean out both fridges today. I'm sorry to report that there was a ton of old food to dispose of. Then it's about dumping all the spoiled contents properly, and composting what can be composted. And gathering the empty containers to run through the dishwasher (two loads today). Such a mess -- and some bad smells. Yuck.

Today was garbage and recycing day, so I had stuff to gather and get out. (I still need to go put the composting in the bin!) And I did the cat boxes and so on.

I was worried about getting my steps in, but I did that in spite of all my time in front of the computer!

Talk about sore legs!!! Kneeling, stooping, squatting -- plus up and down again and again. Doing the fridge upstairs, then the one in the laundry room, too. Oh, my.

Christine, Rich and I worked and worked on the website toward the end of the work day. I was on the phone with them as we tried to reason it out. It's nearly impossible to describe, clearly because we don't seem to get it.

Look, I can read code (as we all know), but I could NOT reason out some of the issues. It seemed as if the Calendar just wasn't working, among other problems...

Marilyn had her hair done after work tonight.

We ate our leftover sands that we couldn't eat yesterday (because Ash Wednesday is a fasting day, meaning no meat).

At some point we both just collapsed, really needing a nap...

I'm suppose to work in the office tomorrow, but I might blow that off. I need to do a detailed explanation of our web issues (per Marilyn's request).

I did have fun tonight iMessaging back and forth with June. I need to show her a few Kindle tricks...

Forgot to mention that Donn and I talked several times today. I also had IT work, including Remoting in to Carol's computer via TeamViewer to change a setting.

I also wrote to my friend Shari today about Instagram and iPads. I think she should get an iPad in place of a new laptop. There's so much convenience involved.

As for Instagram, yes, you can have an account without having a device -- but it's not easy. Plus you can't post to it on the web (via computer), or search for various accounts. Instagram was designed for smart phones and tablets (especially the iPhone and iPad), and for using Apps...

Fitbit Update: Marilyn did 5,400 steps (she had to get on the treadmill). I did 3,043 steps. So we both made our goals. I was glad, because I just wasn't sure I'd make it. I spent hours at the computer today!

I'm forgetting things, but oh well...

(No, I didn't get to my 'missing' blog entries today -- maybe tomorrow.)

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