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Do any of the rest of you use your Fotobilder account?

Believe it or not, I've never used mine much before now...

But I'm at the office today and need to transfer a bunch of images from here at work to my computer at home. These are huge in size, but I want to keep them at that size for quality purposes.

I don't have an easy way to burn these to CD. And I've never bothered to buy a flash drive, because usually I'm working with transfering text, which can easily be emailed to and from locations.

But I tried emailing some of these images home the last time I was in here, and it was ridiculous! Seriously ridiculous. (smile)

So I'm using Fotobilder.

I like the idea, but I still feel a bit like an idiot using it. I joined fotobilder_user, thinking I could find help that way, but it hasn't been much help...

I checked for memories, but the community has none. And while I'd love to spend hours scrolling through every single entry ever (!!!) to see if my questions have been asked in the past, I simply don't have the time. (Communities with no memories? Tough going for newbies like me!)

(No. Don't bother suggesting the obvious. I just can't bring myself to post there and simply ask. These are basic questions that I know damn well have been asked previously. I'm not going to place myself in the position of facing snarky answers. Life is simply too short for that crap...)

I wanted to know if there's some way to rename a Gallery. But I'm guessing the answer is no, anyway. In place of that, I deleted the gallery in question and had the deletion leave the pictures. (And not delete them with the gallery.) Then I created a new gallery and moved them into it. Not as easy as renaming, granted, but not that much more difficult! So I guess I'm learning via 'hands on.' (Always the best way, anyway, I guess. I'd prefer to waste less time reasoning it out, but in the long run I think it will pay off.)

I need to work with some of the images I'm uploading via Fotobilder. These are all historical in nature, so I'm really enjoying viewing them!

Anyway, more about the actual images in another entry...

I think being able to host images here at LJ is a great feature. A nice paid benefit. I wonder if they ever actually will take it from beta to live and let free users access, as well? (It's certainly a marvelous benefit of having a GreatestJournal account, even if GJ doesn't begin to have an easy way to manage the images you upload!)

Well, back to work!

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