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Busy, Busy Day!

What a busy, busy (exhausting) day. In fact, I'm so tired right now, it's going to be a miracle if I remember everything...

Sister Sue and I went to America's Best at Plaza 205 (beside Mall 205) so she could get glasses. She got two really nice pairs, and I think she'll be very happy with them. She got some $$$ off through insurance, which was nice.

(She had some crazy people suggesting she buy these online, but how in hell do you get a proper fitting that way? They do loads of advance measurements while you're selecting your frames...)

Afterwards she took me out to lunch at the Olive Garden -- it was lovely! We had wonderful bread pudding for dessert. Yummy.

Then we went to Costco. Sue sat in the car reading her book, while I shopped for both of us. I could barely push the heavy cart.

Then we dropped off my stuff and went to Freddies so I could get kitty litter and cat food. then we dashed home so Sue could drop me off before going to pick up Nicole.

Finally I unpacked and put things away. I had to rest quite a bit. I was just worn out.

But I suddenly remembered I needed to go to the corner store and buy a Powerball ticket (it's really high right now).

Marilyn was at work until past 8:00. Before she left the office, I went over to June's briefly to show her some things about that Shanghai game and her iPad.

When Marilyn got home, she needed to do the treadmill. So I read out loud to her. She made her 10,000 steps!!!

After that I fixed some food for the two of us. Then we ate. We were both so very tired that we went down for naps after that, knowing we needed to wash our hair. Good grief.

I'm sure there's more, but I must go wash my hair and get in bed. Tomorrow will be a long, busy day.

Oh! Sister Sue had a big fight with her (not-so-friendly) friend, Tammy. I'm furious about it. She's telling Sue she's too loud. Hey, BITCH? You do know Sue is partly deaf, right? And she (and me, too, for that matter) has always been loud, so if you can't live with that, how about you just leave Sue alone? Maybe you two weren't meant to be friends if something so intrinsic about her bothers you so much. Why would you make a scene at cribbage, by the way? Can't you at least make your crappy behavior private? Why do you enjoy hurting Sue? I'm dying to say all this to the woman. (Sue has done so much for her...)

Well, I guess that's what some 'friends' are like. It just makes me feel so bad for Sue...

Fitbit Update: Marilyn did a 'long' day today -- that means she tries to do 10,000 steps, using the treadmill. She got 10,126 steps! I got in a lot of steps, too, just from all my walking. I got 8,033 steps. Just, wow.

Almost forgot! Good blood sugar reading today!

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