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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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Work From Home 

I actually got up at a decent hour this morning (!!!), which pleases me no end. I want to start getting up better -- and without Marilyn constantly needing to wake me. (She most often just lets me sleep!)

Anyway, I got to say goodbye to Marilyn before she headed to work. Then I turned up the heat and went right in to my home office and got to work. Today was about the website, as opposed to IT (for a change). And catching up with and organizing email, something we're really focusing on right now.

I ended up talking with Brit from Fish -- which was lovely, by the way. And talking to a bunch of people at the office (mostly about website things).

I did do a load of dishes, but didn't get to the laundry, which annoys me. Oh well.

I spent a bunch of time fighting ants! So annoying!!! For whatever reason ants are crawling all over my bed! Tons of them. So I was using wide pieces of packing tape to capture ants. I go in an grab a bunch. Then I'd go work or whatever. Then I'd go grab more ants. All day long...

I need to go outside and spray poison. But today was really stormy! Pouring down rain, and terribly windy (with branches falling again). So I just couldn't face it. Maybe tomorrow.

Hector came out and did the yard, trimmed the camellia bush back and got on the roof to do the gutters. He said the gutters weren't that bad, but a couple of the downspouts were blocked. So I'm glad he came today!

Oh. I sent the email to Ryan, the property manager for the rental house behind us. He was asking that we pay half the cost of repairing their roof. I was polite and friendly, but explained that we agreed when we split the cost of the tree removal that we'd pay all costs on our property, and they would do the same. And reminding him that we were not legally responsible for any of it, but wanted to be good neighbors. Marilyn had me offer $50, rather than half of $385.

Ryan wrote back today and was very nice about it. So we'll send them a check and that will finally be over...

June and I talked, too. And I spoke to sister Sue a couple of times. Damn! I need to send her an email, still... We still want to go to Costco -- and I want to go along when she gets her new glasses.

I was hoping we could go to Costco tomorrow, but I never emailed her. And she was really feeling lousy today, so...

I almost forgot! Marilyn had me searching for something for her today. I went through three or four file cabinet drawers and numerous folders, but didn't find it. But I did find some cool things, including a bunch of notes she got for her 20th anniversary with the festival! This year is her 40th anniversary, so it was perfect timing!

Fitbit Update: Marilyn did 5,800 steps, most of them on the treadmill. I did 3,273.

I found the FIX for an Outlook problem I've been having for months and months! Exciting!

February 10, 2015 (Tuesday) 12:15 pm (UTC)
Well since I could not find the e-mail I have not made the eye appointment. I should have just got up when you wanted to give it to me. I take it you are working tomorrow and then I do not remember what you said about the rest of the week. I feel a little bit better tonight and hope I will be better tomorrow. Tammy Gibbons got home tonight from Reno and they were all quite tired from the long drive. My friend Martha is having a heart procedure on Wednesday and will be in the hospital over night. I sure hope it goes well. She is a year younger than I am and having heart issues for three months. She is very scared as her neighbor lady had open heart surgery and no blockages but died two days after her surgery. I told Martha not to worry since her issues seem to be much less than that lady had. Martha is having lots of problems catching her breath also, but they say that it is all heart related and no lung problems. I would like to get to Costco also, but want to get the glasses done first.
February 10, 2015 (Tuesday) 11:55 pm (UTC)
Glad you found the Outlook solution!