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Saturday: Plans Change -- But Dinner Still Happened!

Marilyn and I didn't end up going to work today, after all. We were both so tired, that we decided we could go to the office tomorrow, instead.

We did get our hair done -- and instead of just washing my hair, I decided to actually color it. the roots were bad, and had been bothering me all week long. And with the funeral tomorrow (and so many people attending), I'm really glad I goy it done.

Actually, I really slept in late (I don't know about Marilyn.) It was delightful.

We both spent on our iPads and watching TV. And we finally saw the movie "Magnificent Obsession" that we had on our DVR from earlier this week...

We took a nap in the late afternoon. Then we got up to get ready for going out with June, Jim and sister Sue for dinner tonight.

We had a great time, celebrating Sue's recent birthday and Jim's birthday (which is tomorrow). The conversation was lively and fun! We five always seem to have a terrific time together.

Ubfortunately, our favorite Mexican restaurant seems to have issues now. Marilyn and I were already very disappointed back on my birthday (in December). The service is usually very good, but we've had some problems with the food. And they didn't have peppermint ice cream for my bday, nor again tonight!

The manager came out and apologized, talking about one of their two freezers being out. That doesn't make us feel great about the food storage, accordingly!

Sue called us some time after we got home. She got quite sick after dinner and had a difficult time even getting home (she came in her car)...

This was the first time we'd been there since my birthday, and I honestly don't know if we'll go back there again. So sad, considering all the years we've been going there.

This happened with another Mexican restaurant that we used to go to for decades. We haven't been there in years.

Anyway, Marilyn did the treadmill to get her steps in, and I just barely had time to do mine (!!!).

Fitbit Update: Marilyn did 10,110 steps (this was a long day), and I barely got over goal, at 3,078.

Tomorrow we'll need to work. And we have Dick's funeral.

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