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This Was A Crazy Week!!!

This was a crazy week -- it didn't begin to go the way I expected. I had to deal with a lot of IT things, and frankly my brain is FRIED now...

Sister Sue and I were supposed to go to Costco this morning. Then I had planned to see my friend June in the afternoon. But nothing went as planned...

I forgot to get a check from Marilyn for Costco, so we had to skip it until next week. Which was for the best, as Sue didn't feel well and wanted to lie down anyway.

Plus I ended up with more WORK to do.

Sue still needed me to come over and work on her computer, though -- which we've been trying to do for ages! So I told her as soon as she felt up to it I'd go over there.

Meanwhile, June phoned and said her computer was doing the same thing it had been doing before I tried to fix it. I was freaking out when I heard that, as I was sure by changing those settings I'd made sure it wouldn't freeze up again.

But June wasn't referring to the freezing behavior (which I consider the serious issue, as it was keeping her from actually using her machine). She was referring to the issue with Active Desktop (where her wallpaper disappears and she gets a white screen and error message). While this is annoying (I find it so, as well), you can FUNCTION on your machine regardless. All it means is that you don't have a wallpaper to look at. Anyway, I tried to explain that, but I don't know if I managed to make it clear. I figured she could live with it until either Donn or I could fix it. Sue's issues needed to be resolved -- and unlike June's computer, I hadn't worked on Sue's as promised. She seemed very sweet when we talked, so I think she understood. (June is one of my very best friends.)

I did tell June I'd come by after I got back from Sue's house. Then Sue and I went over there. WHAT AWFUL TRAFFIC!!! (It was quite the thing to get there -- and back home again later!)

Oh! I did phone Donn (driving over to Sue's) and ask him to see if he could Remote in (via TeamViewer) to June's computer and fix the problem. But he called me back and said June had called her service and they'd fixed the issue already.

Hopefully that's the case. I need to talk to June and find out WHAT they did, because I researched it tonight and there are specific things that should be done to resolve the problem. From what Donn told me, it's hard to tell if they did the correct procedure or not. But I'll hopefully find out tomorrow. (The good news is that I have detailed NOTES on what to do if it's NOT fixed, so I should be able to fix it.)

Anyway, I did the stuff that Sue needed done when we finally got to her house. I was surprised Donn hadn't installed TeamViewer on her machine (!!!), so I had to do that, as well. But I think everything should be fine, now.

She also let me shop briefly at Target (I got CAT FOOD and something for dinner), then we went to pick up my meds (they'd called to say if I didn't go get them they'd be sent back!). I got home around 6:30.

I did call June's house about going over there, but she was gone getting a pedicure (I talked to her husband Jim). So I didn't end up going there at all today.

Marilyn came home shortly afterwards, so I fixed dinner and we ate.

We're going to the office to WORK tomorrow (we're behind and just have a bunch of stuff we need to do!). Then tomorrow night we're having dinner with June, Jim and sister Sue (Mexican -- June picked it). We're really looking forward to it!!!

Then Sunday is the funeral of our friend Dick Powers. Marilyn is officially on the program to speak, representing the festival. We had our meeting yesterday so we could discuss what we wanted her to be sure and include. We knew Dick for 40 years! He was with the festival when Marilyn and I first started there in the 70's. (I guess he started there sometime in the 60's.) It's in the middle of the day, so maybe we can SLEEP IN, before heading there. It's downtown at PSU...

Fitbit Update: Marilyn had 5,869 steps today (without the treadmill!), and I did 4,364 (which was a surprise, as I didn't think I'd walked that much).

I got part of my steps in by walking around the house when talking about work. And by pacing in front of the house waiting for Sue to arrive. A good way to fit steps in!!!

I'm really tired tonight. Marilyn is, too. It was a busy and stressful week -- with a lot of intense things that needed to be taken care of. Now that we're into February, we have a lot of deadlines we're facing, as well. It's normal for us, but that's doesn't make it easy, by any means. But we're hanging in there! I'm sure going in tomorrow will be a big help.

I really need to head to bed now. I've got a headache (I've had a LOT of eye strain this week).

Oh! Good news! I decided to try a NEW cat food -- trying to get the cats off eating treats as food. So far they really seem to like it! Obviously it's only half a day, but I've got my fingers crossed!

Good night, all! Pleasant dreams.

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