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Today Was A Much Better Day -- Woo Hoo!e

I started this blog entry while we were still in the office:

Marilyn and I are still here in the office (it's around 7:00). Everybody else is long gone. It's rather chilly in here, I think. It's been POURING down rain all day long. And I do mean pouring! Ugh. (I was out in it several times.)

I need to go right home and start in on the garbage and recycling. (It's real garbage week.) As usual, I'm not looking forward to it (surprise).

I wasn't suppose to be at the office today, but we had another IT emergency-- this time it was the Finance department. Shelley couldn't connect to the K: drive, so it required some hands on work.

Kindly, sister Sue drove me down to the office around 10:00, after I'd spent my morning on the phone with Kris working on the IT situation with Carol's email. Guess what? Kris fixed it! Awesome! He's the man, no doubt. And I was proud of my part with the work, too...

I was maybe going to see June today, but obviously that didn't happen... And I didn't even get a chance to phone her. (sigh)

I did manage to resolve the IT issue for Shelley, too. So she was able to cut checks (which she needed to do.

I wanted Chinese for lunch, and mentioned it to Rich. It turned out he and Merlin were going to lunch at our fave place, so they invited me to join them. We three had a nice lunch together.

I created website (WordPress) accounts for new personnel this afternoon. I've no clue why it didn't auto-email all of them. I need to call Fish and ask them. but I sent out instructions, so it's okay...

Marilyn, Rich and I met about Dick's Sunday funeral -- and things we wanted to have Marilyn say. It was emotional for us, talking about Dick, whom we all love.

It's now 8:30, and we're home. I've just come in from outside where it's pouring really HARD right now.

I just finished up the garbage and recyling, doing the cat boxes last (as I usually do). I feel tired again tonight, but so far I'm not yawning like I did last night...

Fitbit Update: Actually, it's too early to give this report. Marilyn still needs to do the treadmill -- and we'll both get more steps before bedtime. But I have 6,056 steps right now. How about that? FINAL NUMBERS: Marilyn got 5,440 and I got 6,562

Christine and I had a short meeting this afternoon (just before 5:00) about the festival website. We need more training, but we're going to do just fine, I think. I love working with Christine-- she's a gem.

I'll come in later and do another Fitbit Update. I really need to do that as close to midnight as I can.

I didn't talk to sister Sue, so I have no clue if we're on for Costco tomorrow morning or not...

It does look like I don't need to work tomorrow, anyway.

Marilyn had an Amy's meal for dinner. I'm trying to decide what to eat. I had a big lunch, so I'm not starving the way Marilyn was. All she had eaten was a protein bar...

Oh! I'm delighted that I updated my IOS on my iPads and iPhone. Did you think you'd hear me admit that? Hahaha!

I haven't posted anything to Instagram in days...

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