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Today? Let's Just Hit Delete, Please. Hahaha.

So, there are just days that don't work out the way you want. And then there are days when you wonder why you even got up...

Marilyn was up and on her way when I rolled out of bed, but I went directly to work when I did get up. It was very much an IT day from the very beginning.

I needed to correct the Staff distribution group issue in Outlook in the GAL (global address list). Marilyn wanted me to get to it and create a new and properly working email address that includes all the actual Staff. So I made 2015_Staff. It's more involved than it sounds. Then I did my best to get rid of the old (problem) addresses (distribution groups).

Then I wrote the email that tells everyone about the change -- and asks each person to forward the email back to me. This is the test of whether or not the address works. I then spend AGES trying to fix an issue, as Josie didn't get the new email. I used a Run command -- having Christine actually type it in -- to kill the filters (rules) on Josie's 'receptionist' computer. And I tried a TON of other things, too.

Meanwhile, I was working on other work, too, mostly website related. I'm pleased to say that with no instruction/explanation, I reasoned out publishing Calendar items for Rich.

Sister Sue were going to get together today, but that just didn't happen. She had some issues anyway -- and I needed to go in to the office...

I got ready, and Marilyn came home to get me. We were going tonight to Lake Oswego to hear Anne Sandoval speak -- the 90-something woman I told you about previously who was a Rosie the riveter back during WWII. So she needed me to be at the office so we could leave directly after work.

Then I get to the office and all hell breaks loose. Carol's email has crashed -- it's 'full.' What an afternoon. Good grief.

I'm messing with the account for hours. And on the phone with Kris. Trying to fix this messed up issue...

Plus there are a bunch of other issues coming up.

Then I finally get over to get us lunch (after a couple of major interruptions). And I ended up ordering THE WRONG THING. (sigh) So now we've got no lunch on top of everything.

Marilyn was in a meeting until 6:00. Adeena arrived while Marilyn was in the meeting, so she sat with me while I was working on Carol's computer. (Also, Carol's computer is set for a small font -- I could barely see what I was doing. Talk about eye strain!)

Anyway, then we took off and got into major traffic. There was a big wreak on the way there.

We get there and have to park in their overflow lot (a nearby church) and walk in the pouring rain. We get to the place (where Marilyn spoke when the book came out) and it's packed. I took time to go see Anne and give her the rose pin I'd brought along for her. I pinned it on her lovely red knit suit. And we saw several people. But we decided to leave. There weren't enough seats, plus there wasn't anywhere to stand, either. And more and more people were arriving. So we went back out in the rain and back to the office to drop Adeena off, before driving home.

We had dinner, then Marilyn did the treadmill.

Fitbit Update: Marilyn did 6,606 steps today. I'm really happy with my 5,042 steps, again without the need to do the treadmill. We're still really sticking with it.

We did watch some TV. And I phoned sister Sue about tomorrow. We were going to go to Costco, as well as work on her computer. Anyway, Costco is out. I guess we'll see about anything else...

I need to go into the office Friday morning, but can maybe get together with my friend June Friday afternoon...

Marilyn and I decided today that we'll go in to the office on Saturday. We just have so much work to do.

Anyway, after Marilyn got off the treadmill, I just kept yawning and yawning and yawning. I couldn't stop. So I went to nap and just totally conked out. Well, that's not everything, but you can see how the day went. Marilyn had so many meetings she couldn't get to her work. And my day was a mess...

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