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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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Good Day -- Training Is Done (For Now) 
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I trained new staff members Calisa (ka-lee-sa) and Mariah today.

We started out going to Starbucks with Rich, Marilyn and Steven. It was POURING down rain when we walked over.

Jeff had asked me to let both young women attend Staff meeting, and start their training after, so I waited. Staff meeting ran long, so we didn't get started until well after 11:00.

Staff meeting included discussion of the Super Bowl, the Australian Open and other recent events. (Being in the events business, we always start by discussing recent events.)

I trained them together, which I normally don't like to do. But it seemed to go quite well. We did part of it on Calisa's computer, and part on Mariah's.

I also talked to Lilia about the Rose Garden Store website. We agreed on having a meeting with Steven next Tuesday to discuss it.

Plus I'm going to have a meeting with Rich about the festival website, too (discussing the calendar).

Christine and I need to meet about the website, as well...

I also spent some time researching my Exchange issue on the Server.

I had quite a headache, which might be due to how hard it is to see the computer screen when you're trying to get three people to be able to view. Our spaces are really NOT set up for even two people, frankly.

Anyway, Marilyn took me home in the afternoon, and I took pills, then gave my eyes a break. No TV, no reading, no iPad or computer. And I took off my contacts. Part of the time I just sat still with my eyes closed. You know, I almost never do that!

Good news! My blood sugar was the best it's been in WEEKS! It was 124, which is not bad at all. I was excited to see that. (Even after having some ice cream before bed last night.)

Fitbit Update: Marilyn wants to do 10,000 steps twice a week, now. So today was one of those days. She did 10,100, which meant she needed to do the treadmill for 45 minutes. I did 3,682 steps today.

I read out loud to Marilyn from "Fifty Shades of Grey" while she was on the treadmill. And we finally finished reading "101 Dalmatians" last night. Marilyn only fell asleep three times before we were done. Hahaha. I really love reading out loud...

I'm hoping I can get to sister Sue's tomorrow, so I can tweak her computer. (And pick up Donn's external hard drive, too.)

Marilyn and I need to go grocery shopping again...

We trying to get the cats back to eating the food we've had them on for the last couple of years -- instead of them living on cat treats! It's not easy...

We've got ANTS around like crazy again! Annoying.

Amy's for dinner -- Marilyn tried the Swedish Meatballs and liked it. (Meatballs isn't quite true, as it's meatless...) These meals are really low calories, interestingly enough -- but that's not why we get them. We're just trying to eat healthier, if we can.

I just updated the IOS on one of my iPads!!! I'm really, really nervous about it...

More tomorrow...

February 4, 2015 (Wednesday) 03:35 pm (UTC)
Congratulations on the good glucose levels!
February 7, 2015 (Saturday) 03:55 am (UTC)
That sounds like quite a combination of books to read together. Hope you don't get them mixed up!