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Training Josie This Morning -- PLUS My Afternoon At Home

Marilyn and I have been having a TERRIBLE time remembering Josefina's name (our Seasonal Receptionist). We had to keep reasoning it out between us! This morning as we're driving to work, I say that she might use a nickname, like Jo or Josie. Sure enough! We'll all be calling her Josie, after all...

The training with her went really, really well. She was quite impressive! She came in already knowing how to use the Shoretel phone system that we use! And she seems to have a great grasp of the computer. She really impressed me. Plus hopefully she and Christine are going to get along just great.

We went to Starbucks (as we always do when a new person starts), and Marilyn went along. It was Josie, Christine, Rich, Marilyn and me. Marilyn paid, but didn't get anything herself. She went along 'for the steps.' You can see that our Fitbits are really motivating us to walk.

My nose was running (!!!) during the training, but I really am much better. After I was done, Marilyn offered to bring me home around noon so I could 'rest up' for tomorrow.

I phoned my friend June and chatted with her, then went over to her house briefly. I wanted to get a look at her computer. It turned out that she was having quite an issue! The machine was constantly freezing up on her, requiring her to restart (reboot) the machine EVERY SINGLE TIME SHE LEFT IT, AND CAME BACK AGAIN TO USE IT. That's frankly ridiculous. But it was a matter of power settings, which I was able to change! So hopefully she won't be having that issue again (fingers crossed). I didn't stay that long, because I was hungry and wanted to get a bite to eat and relax.

As it turns out, I went home and ate -- so I did relax a little bit. But then I decided to load the dishwasher and tidy the kitchen, and gather up all the garbage (which really needed it -- I never finished it last Thursday, only doing about half of it). I did a couple other little things, but I don't remember what right now.

Marilyn came home just past 6:00, which seems really early! Then we had Amy's dinners. After that we were both tired out and decided to sleep. I took my Kindle with me for a nap, but didn't read very much!

I'm actually having to sit upstairs in our office on the desktop computer to type this, believe it or not! I haven't done that in forever! But for whatever reason, I just couldn't get a WiFi signal on my iPad. So annoying! But I needed to get my blogging done, so here I am.

I did talk to sister Sue at one point. She was supposed to be picking up Nicole around 4:00, and I'd wanted to see the two of them, but that didn't work out... Sue was going to take a nap and call me back, but that's the last I heard from her...

Oh! Marilyn and I want to take Sue, June and Jim to dinner on Saturday, so we can celebrate both Sue's and Jim's birthdays. Sue's birthday was January 31 (she turned 72), and Jim's is February 8, which is this coming Sunday (he'll turn 87). It looks like we're going to go out for Mexican food. I talked to both Sue, and June and Jim, and we're confirmed for this fun outing.

Fitbit Update: Marilyn did 5,300 steps today (no treadmill necessary!). She not only walked to Starbucks with us, but she walked to a meeting at City Hall. I got in a good amount of walking, too. I did 4,089 steps today! I often do a lot of walking when in the office (and I only went upstairs twice today). Interesting when you consider I was only at the office for half a day...

This is an official weighing, but I weighed myself for the hell of it this afternoon (you're always supposed to weigh first thing in the morning, but oh well) and I had lost another pound... Not a big deal, but it's better than gaining weight.

Two more people to train tomorrow, so we need to head to bed soon. We had some peppermint ice cream before bed. Yummy, and it always helps our digestion.

Brian Williams rapping on the Tonight Show! Always funny! Plus I LOVED the "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" routine that Jimmy did to open the show! Hysterical and just cute. (He's in Los Angeles right now.)

Read aloud again to Marilyn last night, by the way. We're trying to finish "101 Dalmatians." Then we're going to start in on "Fifty Shades of Grey," because Marilyn wants to be done with the first book before the movie comes out this month. Not long now! (Yeah, yeah. I know what I've said about the book in the past -- but I'm excited about the movie, even so.)

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