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Really Sick...

Marilyn told me to 'stay down' and 'take it easy' today, for which I'm actually very grateful. I was miserable last night, and having trouble sleeping. And when I did sleep, I was having weird dreams, which I feel are due to the meds. Oh well, nightmares aren't going to kill me! Hahaha.

I really stayed in bed most of the day. I sat up to do some work, though, but very little.

Around 1:00 I got up and started the recycling. Very. Slowly. I've just been so puny today. I got it all gathered and out in the roll bin. And I did the cat boxes. I gathered most of the garbage in a bag, but not all.

Marilyn found out about a meeting at Rooster Rock this morning with barely enough time to get there -- but she and Rich headed out and made it in time. She said it was a lovely drive.

I have to admit I don't know when Marilyn actually came home from work tonight, but it was before 7:00 (as I was making dinner then -- and she was home at that point). We had fish and green beans for dinner, with cottage cheese and coffee. Yummy.

I finally got the recycling to the curb late. I still need to put the garbage out, though.

We watched Australian Open tennis. And The Biggest Loser finals was tonight.

Fitbit Update: Clearly I didn't make my goal today, But I did make 2,375 steps -- pretty good considering how LOuSY i feel! I'm not sure I have the right number for Marilyn, but I know she made her goal (5,00), and I think it was 5,415.

Just managing to gather garbage and put how the recycling was all I could do today. I literally slept almost all day long. When I was awake, I read. And that was it...

Donn is going in tomorrow to set up the Profiles for me. I just can't face it.

I'm sitting here watching Blue Bloods, while Marilyn is sleeping. Both cats (Colin and Henry) are sleeping, too.

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