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Sick--Storm on the East Coast

This was basically a crappy day. I was down sick all day with a cold, so I was really not up that much at all.

Marilyn and the rest of the festival staff went to Great Wolf Lodge (in Grand Mound, Washington, which is pretty much a wide spot in the road) for a joint Staff Retreat with the Seafair staff today. I was disappointed to miss it, but Marilyn made the right call there, for sure. I ptretty much slept most of the day.

I saw pictures of the joint group, and saw our old friend Beth (whom Marilyn and I have know for years). she really looks just the same! Amazing.

Marilyn drove all the way there and back, with Ashley and Carol in her car. Marilyn feels strongly that she and Jeff shouldn't travel together. Heaven forbid that anything would happen, but you need your CEO and COO to be separate, just in case.

On the home front, Donn set up sister Sue's new computer today. I'm very excited about it. I guess it's ended up like sort of a birthday present for her (her birthday is coming up soon). She's needed a new (better) machine, so this is perfect. Donn seemed to think things went well, so I have my fingers crossed. And it should be much faster than her old machine. He got her to get the paid version of Malwarebytes, which is always a very good thing! It's a good way to spend your money, for sure. I talked briefly with both Sue and Donn, anyway...

I'm trying to think of anything else I did...

I am really concerned for all my friends who are dealing with the TERRIBLE storm back east!!! It's just awful, with all that SNOW and flooding -- and power outages and people dying. The cold with no power is awful, because it means there's no way to stay warm!

Marilyn and I have many friends back there, and we're praying for them, of course. But we're praying for everyone to be okay. The damage is quite shocking!

Fitbit Update: Marilyn did around 5,600 steps. Good for her! Surprisingly enough (!!!), I walked 1,359. Not bad for being asleep much of the day.

I barely ate anything today. Just not hungry...

I guess that's my day.

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