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A Busy Day! Festival Work...

Recently Steven emailed to ask me about the store website -- which I've only been slightly involved with over the years. But the bad news is that we may have lost the domain. The site is currently down, and I put HOURS into trying to reason it all out today.

Penny hasn't been on Staff for years. Lilia is the new store manager who replaced Penny -- and she's most certainly NOT new.

Anyway, the domain info has Penny's name attached to it. So it's going to be hard to prove ownership.

Meanwhile, Christine is set up as an admin for the current website. We just need to sit together so I can share some insights.

So today she sends me an email from Jane Q. Public that indicates we have a spelling error on our Home page. Premier was spelled 'permier.' Whoops! So in researching it, it becomes clear that it's a design error -- this text is actually part of the rotating image banner. I phoned David and Fish will fix it. But I can see where the banner is located, and we (meaning ME, I suppose) can certainly fix this in the future. We're GOOD at graphics, so no problem -- now that I know where to manage it, of course...

Fitbit Update: Somehow I managed to get a LOT of steps in today. I guess partly because it was garbage day. Plus I'm actually walking around the house whenever I can, such as when I'm on phone calls. I just realized that I've done that for years, by the way. Pacing around the house while chatting on the phone. It's good for my health to get more movement in, but often a bitch on phone reception (sigh). Well, nothing's perfect! Anyway, without any time on the treadmill today, I did 5,460 steps (well beyond my 3,000 step goal). And Marilyn did 5,787 steps, in spite of another day with the dentist. He had her so terribly numbed (starting arond 2:00), that she was still really numb at 7:00! Good grief.

She's really being good about all these various appointments! I can't say how much I admire her.

Sister Sue had to get her car worked on today -- and it took hours!

I forgot to mention Sue's recent bad (sad) news. Her friend Susan recently discovered that she has terminal cancer -- and she only has days left to live. Sue's having a hard time with the death of friends. I guess Marilyn is right about 2015 being a rough year...

I feel bad that I never got to know Susan better. She thought of me as a sort of 'twin' (I think that's how she described it), and we had some nice interactions at one point at Facebook. But I just can't seem to keep up with all of my online activities. I don't do much at Facebook these days. And LiveJournal (and blogging) will always be my first priority. In a busy life, something's gotta give...

I moved our statues out back today. St. Francis is really heavy, so I was pleased to be able to lift him. Hector just didn't get him near to where I wanted him...

And I did the garbage and recycling (real garbage week), having it done early today, for a change.

Marilyn was home early, coming directly from the dentist. Then we went straight to Freddies to buy groceries.

I answered some more work-related emails this afternoon. I have to mention that we do a TON of our work via email, so keeping up with it is a constant challenge... I was working on it on and off all day long.

It's nice to be able to answer some of it with my iPad. There are a lot of advantages to the iPad, no doubt about it.

I've actually been writing a fanfic the last couple of days. Nearly 2,000 words yesterday, and another 1,700 today. (I slacked off today, clearly! But I was pretty busy with other stuff.) You know, it sort of amazes me that I can knock off more than 1,500 words a day on some fiction -- and I'm talking about pretty CLEAN writing, too, that doesn't need much re-working. There's nothing like writing for your work to help improve your writing overall, I guess.

I guess I'll never get over my love of fanfic. My recent work has mostly been non-fanfic fiction. But I really learned how to write by doing fanfic, which Marilyn and I started writing decades ago.

Anyway, it's getting time for bed. I'm forgetting things, but this is good enough for this Thursday...

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