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Rob Lowe Is A Freak -- NOT In A Good Way

Have you seen Rob Lowe's DirecTV commercials?

Trust me, you couldn't forget those creepy commercials once you've seen them -- no matter how hard you try!

WHY would ANYONE do those awful commercials? Marilyn said she hopes he's being paid a tremendous amount of money to ruin his career. After seeing all these horrid 'Rob Lowes,' I just wish he'd GO AWAY -- and never make me see him again. (I actually hate that I was ever a fan of this actor. He played in some roles I really loved, but if I never see them again, it will be too soon.)

No. These aren't 'amusing' or 'clever' commercials. I can barely stand seeing them -- and there are apparently a bunch of different versions. (I won't describe them, because they truly repel me. But I'm sure if you google it, you can view at least one version at YouTube.)

Every single time I see one of those commercials I shudder and wonder WHY? How desperate for work or money does someone have to be??? Just ugh. Only a freak could do this crap. And I feel bad comparing freaks to Lowe. Seriously.

If there is supposed to be humor here, it's clearly lost on me...

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