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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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A Rainy Day 
rain our house

Today was a nasty, rainy day. We stayed in, glad not to face the bad weather. We got a yon of rain, and are supposed to get tons more. (sigh)

I had terrible leg cramps in the middle of the night. I guess I walked too much yesterday. The Prednisone (steroids) can cause leg cramps. And as I've mentioned before, it can take weeks (or even months) for the medication to compltely leave my system.

I felt I was quite hydrated yesterday, which can be another issue. And I've been taking potassium every day since I first had leg cramps during taking the meds. Anyway, I had to soak in a hot bath to finally relax the cramps, they were that bad.

Marilyn worries that I don't get enough sleep. I was awake last night watching a movie. Marilyn had it on, then she and both cats went to sleep, while I stayed up to see the end. So I could have gone to bed sooner. But there was nothing I could do about the cramps waking me and keeping me awake.

Well, I did sleep in, anyway. But I was tired today. It was a busy and tiring week.

Late this afternoon we were both lying down for a nap (around 4:00), but we woke up and never did go back to sleep.

We did play (and work) on our iPads today. They certainly are convenient!

I spent some time reading out loud to Marilyn. I really enjoy reading out loud.

Sister Sue is at a cribbage tournament this weekend. I tried to phone her Friday, but never reached her. I thought the tournament didn't start until today, but maybe it actually started yesterday.

I got the cat boxes cleaned and the garbage out -- about time! And I don't care what they're saying on the news today, the rain hasn't stopped today, and is POURING tonight!!!

I chatted briefly with my friend June on the phone today. I had wanted to get over to see her last week, but it didn't happen. Anyway, we're going to try and visit in person next week.

Fitbit update: I only did 1490 steps today. I was nervous after yesterday. That won't be my final steps for the day, because it goes until midnight...

A pretty boring day. I'm thinking about heading to bed soon.

January 18, 2015 (Sunday) 10:55 am (UTC)
My tournament did start Friday the early bird was at 3:00 PM and then we had dinner at the Moose and the doubles were at 7:00Pm I did well in the early bird and Madyson and I only won 3 games out of 9 in doubles. In the early bird she only won 1 game. She is a good sport about it all. Eugene bought both of our dinners because I have been taking him to so many doctor appointments and everything. He is very nice that way. The memorial for Dot yesterday went very well and everyone told me how well I did putting it together. One of her daughters did not come, but oh well. Her son and the other two daughters hugged me lots and cried a lot. Hope your leg cramps get better you sure could use a break.
January 18, 2015 (Sunday) 12:53 pm (UTC)
A relaxing day at home when the weather is not good sounds quite nice!