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Work and Fitbit

Marilyn and I had a hard time getting up this morning. We're still not getting enough sleep, I guess. But not for lack of trying...

Anyway, we went for Starbucks this morning, before the meeting with John and David from Fish.

I met with Donn, who had my new external. More about that later on... He also worked on Shelley's computer, replacing a fan that was going out.

The training meeting did NOT really go as planned. First off, they were late! They phoned AT 10:00 (when they should have arrived!!!) to 'confirm' the meeting previously confirmed twice (???). As Marilyn said, they aren't especially businesslike, but whatever.

I had Carol and Marilyn sit in at first, so we could mention a few changes that need to happen. The tweaking I keep mentioning. Then it was Christine, Steven, Rich and me -- with John and David. Steven got most of the training, but eventually we'll have them back to work with Christine and me.

Marilyn and I eventually went home for a late lunch (I made cheese sandwiches). Then she headed back to the office.

I stayed home and started trying to mess with my new external, having nothing but trouble. I finally had to call Donn, and we tried a bunch of stuff for ages. Thankfully, we finally got it working!

I can now get some work done work done that required info from the device!

Marilyn and I are motivated by our new Fitbit devices. we have what is called the Zip Fitbit. It's like the face of a wristwatch, and goes inside a frame that has a loop that can be attached to clothing, etc. Marilyn got a black one, and mine is pink.

Yesterday I only had my on for half the day, so I didn't do that well. But today I did 6156 steps! Marilyn did 7116! Anyway, we both did really good today.

We're continuing to eat Amy's meals, and that's what we had for dinner.

It was a really busy week. I'm worn out. I'm so glad the weekend is here.

Marilyn and I really need both manicures and pedicures really, REALLY BAD! Tomorrow, hopefully.

Oh!!! I got some lightbulbs at the Dollar Tree -- and they're awesome! I want to get more! I put one in the hallway near my bathroom. That light has one of those switches that turns up and down -- which didn't work AT ALL with the expensive bulb that was in it (meaning I've had NO light in that hall for weeks). And I replaced a bulb in our office. It had been so dark in there that I'd thought a bulb had burned out, but not so! Now I can actually SEE in that room!

It might sound crazy, but I'm loving these lightbulbs and am excited to get more. Way to go, Dollar Tree! Plus the price is GREAT! The new bulbs cost a ton, and don't work. The old ones from the Dollar Tree are cheap and work great! Go figure...

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