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Starbucks at Freddies

Sister Sue took me to Freddies so I could get kitty litter and Kleenex today. So while we were there, we went to the Starbucks inside the store and I treated her to coffee and a cranberry bliss bar. We had a long chat before heading home.

I really needed the kitty litter, as today is garbage day and I was out. I totally forgot about it when Marilyn and I had gone shopping, stupid me.

I had taken off my Fitbit when I went to bed, and forgot to put it back on again until around 11:00 today, so I missed hours of steps! Damn! Naturally I'm not going to wear it all night, so...

Marilyn and I have discussed these devices. It's about how it motivates you to do better, which is the whole idea.

Sue and I discussed exercise, too. Her one doctor really wants her to exercise. Plus she could take a free class where she'd be monitored the entire time she was working out, which sounds awesome to me.

Anyway, Marilyn and I are really working hard on changing our ways. Eating better, getting more exercise and so on. Marilyn has been impressive with all her medical and dental appointments this year!

We still need to get more sleep, but we have actually been better about this, too. I just got up from a nap, then started in on the recycling! I need to clean the cat boxes and gather up garbage. And I need to wash my hair before bed.

But right now I'm racing to get my blog entry done.

Damn LiveJournal, by the way! So, as I've mentioned before, the easiest thing for me now is to do entries on my iPad. It's not perfect, but doing it sitting in the family room really works for me! But as I've also mentioned, it's not ideal, by any means. One of the things that happens is that if I have to go out of the entry to look something up in Safari (the default browser of iPads), many times I'll come back to find my entry as been dumped! I think Safari is at fault in this case, and not LJ. But it reminds me of the early days here at LJ when you didn't DARE type your blog entry directly into LJ's window, because it failed to save almost every time. So you'd type it into Word or somewhere else so you wouldn't lose it... (That was back in 2002, 2003 and around then.)

But here's my actual bitch about LiveJournal: It used to be that LJ would DATE and TIME your entry based on when you started it. I ALWAYS start my entry before midnight. But frequently I don't FINISH it until after midnight! As I'm discussing that day (the date before midnight), I want the entry to reflect that date. There's a built in option to let you sort of 'freeze' the time when you start an entry, and I always use it. But if Safari screws things up, then that 'goes away' -- and suddenly I'm blogging for the following day, instead. Yeah, I guess this is ALL actually a Safari issue -- and not LJ. But just remembering to use that 'change' setting to freeze the date/time IS an LJ issue. Oh well.

The news about my NEW external hard drive is good. It didn't arrive until this morning, so Donn spent the morning setting things up. It's apparently complicated to prepare the device to interact with WinXP (which I have on my home desktop computer, computer at work and computer at the beach). By default, it works with Win7 (which I have on my laptop), and Win8. PLUS, it',s set up so it can work with your iPad, via WiFi. Anyway, the data all was moved without issue.

Tomorrow I have my important festival website training meeting starting at 10:00. This is supposed to be Christine and me. But I'm hoping Marilyn and Carol can sit in for part of it, so we can maybe start our discussion of the tweaks we want to do to the site...

That meeting is supposed to take around two to two and a half hours (we all think, anyway). So we'll see how it goes.

Donn is coming in at 9:39, so he and I can meet before the website meeting.

And I talked with Jillian today. She and Marissa have an extensive list of website changes that need to be made that they want to give me tomorrow...

Speaking of, Stephanie were discussing the Unitas logo for some time. They are the new Court Sponsor, so we want that logo to display perfectly -- and I think it looks cut off on the bottom...

Also, I had an It issue to deal with. Simple explanation: We have a GROUP for email called 'staff' that sends email to every staff member. When I set up a Profile for a new person, I manually add people to this group. But Stephanie had told me Ariel wasn't getting these. So I called and asked Jillian, and she wasn't getting them, either. Marissa, however, is! So I went on the Server, figuring I'd forgotten to add them. Not so! I'm glad that's the case, as I'm pretty anal about setting up these Profiles!

I can see them in the group, so I phone Kris and he checks. he has a different way to 'see' this than I use. But he, too, sees them in the group. Now we're both discussing the GAL and SBS versus the Exchange and Outlook's weird caching and on and on. I had to go at that point, and Jris was supposed to check it out this afternoon. I need to check in with him tomorrow and see if he reasoned it out... (sigh) I need to spend time researching it myself!

Well, off to wash my hair and do the cat boxes, so we can get to bed! (I didn't sleep well last night because my yeast infection was giving me FITS.) And that's my Thursday, for the most part, even though I keep thinking about the stuff I didn't discuss!!!

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