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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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IT Problems 
January 8, 2015 (Thursday) 11:58 pm [2014, donn, external-harddrive, it-related, january-2014, marilyn, website, work]

I don't know WHY I didn't do it AGES ago, but I finally went in and took OFF the Auto-Capitalization that's the default on an iPad. I don't suppose I should even bother to say how much I hate certain aspects of iPads -- especially the way it deals with text management. From the minute we learn how to type, we learn that we need to hit a key to capitalize, so why should we allow ourselves to get used to Auto-Capitalization?

Besides, the damn capitalization works with very odd parameters! If I'm waiting on it to make a capital and it doesn't, then often I don't catch the mistake. Obviously now I'll have to teach myself NOT to expect things to capitalize -- and it doesn't take any time at all for a person to get used to things like this. We've had these iPads since 2011, so I've certainly gotten used to this (stupid) feature. (Thanks -- NOT -- Steve Jobs and crew for trying to shift how we use text.) But after yet another situation where I was typing many lines where things needed to be lowercase, I finally had enough!

This was a very annoying day, with a ton of IT issues -- both here at home, and at work. I'm out of patience with all of it tonight.

My red external hard drive contains my world, in a sense. And it has for years. And today I had a failure with it -- I simply could NOT get it to connect to my desktop computer! I had backed it up very recently, so I decided to restore it to a different external. I'm sad to report that it was having failures during the restore. (sigh) Which will be restoring for hours more (I've no clue how long).

I did get the red external to connect to my laptop, however! Great news! So I'm trying to copy everything off it to the laptop. That's very slow going...

IT at work was in Donn's hands. But he must have phoned me a dozen times about what he was doing. I shouldn't be annoyed, because I'm the same way. But I had so much going on here, I just could barely stand it.

Marilyn's personal website is down. I just tried to fix that, so hopefully that will be worked out.

I need to go do the garbage and recycling. I should have done that hours ago! I'm mad at myself for screwing off about it...

My back is still bothering me. My yeast infection is still itching and painful. I'm going to be fine, I'm sure. But I am so done with not feeling well. It just makes it so hard to get motivated to do things.

I did do a little around the house today, snyway. So that felt good.

Marilyn went to her dentist this afternoon and had a filling done. She's had four health-related appointments in four days! And she has another one tomorrow, plus one on Monday and another on Tuesday. Good for her!!!

I'd better run. So much to do before bed.

January 9, 2015 (Friday) 03:40 pm (UTC)
Well I am very tired this morning just could not sleep. I would fall asleep and after five minutes be wide awake and then coughed lots and my nose was running all night. I just called Bruce about the services and thank goodness I did he thought it was on Saturday. I am picking him and Eugene up and we are going for a little breakfast at Patti;s before the service. At least it is not so foggy today. I am so tired sure hope I can nap later. Poor Candy got a text real early. The Plaid here in the park was held up at gun point by a woman around 4AM. At least she did not shoot anyone. Candy was very shook up when she called her store and told them. She went in early to be there just in case. Feel better I hope you do.
January 10, 2015 (Saturday) 01:49 pm (UTC)
Sorry for the IT stuff going bad.

And, hopefully you'll be feeling better soon!