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Busy Day at Work!

Today was the first work day of 2015 -- and Marilyn and I had a very busy day.

We set up our big IT meeting with CEO Jeff for after lunch (which Marilyn and I did not take), knowing that we needed to leave the office by 2:30 so Marilyn could make it to her important doctor appointment.

And we spent a good part of the day gathering more stats for that meeting (we've been preparing for it since before the holiday break). I was talking to both Donn and Shelley to seek info, aside from providing my own resources. Bringing Jeff up to date on recent/current projects, and all the stuu going back to one year ago.

Marilyn put some of the onus on Jeff, regarding how our office deals with emails, by the way. I'm curious to see how that goes...

Donn was in today, and he and I were discussing quite a few things, including the procedures for the phone Server, rtc. We recently updated our Shoretel software on the Server, and now we're putting Shoretel on ALL the computers in the office. We've never been able to do that previously, because we didn't have good enough equipment to support it.

We did go for Starbucks in the morning. I got food, but Marilyn didn't.

Anyway, the meeting was intense, and ran long, but was good.

We made it to her appointment on time (always a challenge when coming from work). She talked through some important things, including the going-off-estrogen-supplements issue. Marilyn is not going there, thank God. I think it's extremely important for women to get estrogen -- the list of problems due to a lack of estrogen is quite disturbing!

She had high blood pressure today -- and they took it twice. But it was an intense work day, the first in ages, start of the 2015 season, straight from the above-mentioned meeting, and trying to come through heavy traffic to be on time. Little wonder it was high!

Marilyn has been setting up a bunch of health-related appointments and so on. Good for her! She sees her new dentist on Wednesday. On Thursday she sees the new dermatologist, and next week she sees the urologist. Plus she goes with sister Sue to an appointment first thing tomorrow (while I'm doing training).

Donn needs to come out here and fix our wifi (again!!!). We're really having issues with it right now!

We both need to wash our hair before bed. Tomorrow is another busy day!

As for my health, today was hard. The pain was in my back, plus my hip. I'm not on any pain meds, which is rough. I'm trying to walk without limping, but it's nearly impossible. And I now have to deal with a yeast infection, too. Miserable. Thankfully I finish up my last steroid (Prednisone) tomorrow.

It's a bitch to be taking the muscle relaxant now, considering the side effects. Concentration is essential during training! But with no pain meds, I need something that helps with the constant pain...

We got takeout sandwiches for dinner after Marilyn's appointment. Marilyn's first food of the day! The steroids make me hungry! We were both starved. Then I was so done, I was falling asleep sitting up. We'd been watching a movie, so I forced myself to stay awake to the end. Then I went in for a nap.

Later (ten-ish?) June and I were iMessaging back and forth on our iPads, catching up with each other.

That's a rough look at today, anyway...

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