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I'm at PRFA Today

Yes, I'm at PRFA today...

But about to take off to go and take care of the car title...

Marilyn mistressmarilyn finally paid off the car several weeks back, so now she needs to get the title in her name -- rather than that of her credit union.

Yes, yes, I need to write and tell all about our OryCon (long) weekend! We danced and drank and partied and danced and drank. And were admired by many men. Very fun, indeed! (smile)

I started one of my huge entries prior to attending. But -- as usual -- never finished it!

So maybe I'll get to it tomorrow. Or over the weekend.

We cleaned Marilyn's office this morning. It really made a difference!

Then had lunch with a friend (Cynthia) who works for the city. She's a contact there for GFP...

I hadn't seen her since my birthday in 2002. And seeing as my birthday is just around the corner (sigh), that means it had been almost a year!

Cynthia (our friend) didn't make it to actually attend GFP in 2003. (Which is when I'd usually see her...)

Sister Sue is currently wearing a heart monitor. She was supposed to get it taken off today. She's been having fits about it, frankly. Hated that she couldn't bathe or shower until it was off. (Two lousy days! That's really not that long.)

Sue isn't doing all that well, health-wise. She got the bad news that her kidney function is down to 45% now. And the heart monitor speaks for itself, I imagine. She hasn't been feeling at all well. Aches all over and can barely move. Interestingly enough, she looks good! Good color and less swelling of feet and ankles than usual.

She spent Halloween at our house. And she and I attended the annual bazaar at friend June's church last Friday. (Pioneer Methodist used to be our family church way back when. I was quite involved there for a time. I was the youngest person to ever join the church, which I did after major grilling by the pastor at the age of ten. I later taught both Bible and Sunday school for many years and was a Lay speaker at one point. I was also -- of course -- quite involved with both the Junior and Senior choirs, too.)

Everyone at the church knows us both. They're delighted to see us. (Sue was married there. Though as she pointed out to me, that was hardly a pleasant memory for her, considering how her marriage ended. And what an ass her ex has been with her children and grandkids!)

Rambling, rambling. I need to finish the various tutorials I've been fiddling with for psp7_beginners one of these days...

Must dash! Later, I hope.

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