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Pain -- Better, But Nearly Constant. Revenge Tonight: An Overview

Marilyn and I took it easy again today. Tomorrow is the beginning of a new and busy work week.

We had made plans to meet with sister Sue this evening, but she didn't feel well, so it didn't happen. But we drove out to get Starbucks, and drop off Christmas at Sue's house. A small gift for Sue and Candy, plus gift cards for Mady and Nicole. Plus cat socks for the kitties. Then we made a dash to Walgreen's in Washington to pick up some red.

As for my back, it's not so awful that I'm constantly cranky. But I seem to be in constant pain. I keep thinking it's getting better. Or maybe I'm just getting used to it. But I feel so fatigued. All that time so sick. And now this.

I'm not sure it might not be partly internal, now that I've thought about it. I was having some bowel issues recently, and it's not even funny how easily you can get a bladder or kidney infection.

I'm so damn thirsty every second! I just drink and drink. Of course, the steroids hike the blood sugar, and that can effect how fluid is processed in the body.

Interestingly, we tend to forget the discomforts of the past. I just went back and re-read when I was on the Prednisone back in October of 2013 (for my knee). I had the same symptoms going on at that time. I drank and drank and peed and peed! Sorry, TMI. And I felt fatigue and slept and slept. I'm in more pain now than back then, but I was on heavy-duty pain pills in 2013, and he didn't give me ANYTHING this time. So it's little wonder.

This will all pass pretty quickly (I hope!), once I'm done taking the meds. Timing is everything, I'm afraid. I have to train personnel while still tsking it, and the confusion is annoying. But I'll push through somehow...

I need to head to bed soon. My sleep pattern is a mess!

As for Revenge tonight, mainly it was BORING. In my opinion, anyway. If that's a spoiler, I'm sorry.

Also, the fandom at Instagram has been discussing unrealistic behaviors a lot. Season 4 has been rife with them, I'm afraid. People honestly DO NOT forbid others to attend funerals, memorials and graveside services in real life. That crap is a TV thing, for plot purposes. And I could go on and on, but really, who cares?

If viewers were big Grayson family fans -- like us -- then there's not much reason to continue watching on a go-forward basis. Some of these new characters are just annoying. And they've ruined others, like David Clarke and Jack Porter... Enough said.

On that note, goodnight all.

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