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Goodbye Curly Willow Tree -- Hector Rocks!

Marilyn and I slept in. We got up in time to be dressed before Hector arrived to work on taking down the curly willow tree in our back yard (sorry not to be sharing photos).

I went over and told Brian they'd be in their yard and on their roof while doing the work.

Marilyn and I chatted with Hector and stayed to take some photos. Then we headed down to the office. I needed to reactivate Marissa's account (she was a seasonal assistant last year and is coming back for 2015), and set up a profile for Jillian, who will be Marilyn's seasonal assistant this festival. Marilyn made a receipt about the tree for Hector to sign.

When we got back, they'd taken down the branches that were resting on the neighbors house. They had come up with a brilliant method of tying a rope around the half-downed tree to balance it, tying it around our pink dogwood. This was quite an engineering feat. The tree was leaning on our fence ant the neighbor's roof and house. The concern was what would happen when the portion resting against these spots were cut away. Would the heavy tree take out the cedar fence? Would it damage the siding of the house? It was far from a simple job, and Hector's $600 bid was a kind one.

They got the whole thing down in about two hours! It was amazing!!! And they took out most of the exposed root, which was wonderful. It's pretty much down to the ground. We paid Hector, he signed the receipt and we gave them all Christmas gifts. Hector had an assistant, plus his young son helped a TON! Very impressive!

After they left, we went to Starbucks, then stopped at Safeway to get some deli Chinese for lunch/dinner. Plus they had our favorite olive mix!

After eating, we both had naps.

Then we watched TV and played on our iPads.

As for my back, it's better today. I had trouble sleeping in the night, and I had a terrible leg cramp! My research indicates I need to be patient. This might take weeks to pass, and rest is essential. But I'm a person who is used to having a lot of flexibility (getting up and down and bending and so on), and being able to do a lot of lifting. So we'll see how it goes.

I took more steroids today and will take the muscle relaxant tonight. This routine runs for several days.

I have to mention how cranky the pain makes me. Marilyn has been remarkably patient and kind to me. I was saying that this is why elderly people are seen as grouchy and unpleasant. When you don't feel well and/or are in psin (especially a lot of pain) then it's easy to be cranky and nasty -- and hard to keep your happy self! I'm usually in a good mood, no matter what, but this pain has really been rough!

I guess that's all for today. It's a good first day of the New Year!

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