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The LiveJournal App for iPad

I've been blogging here at LivJournal since 2002. The majority of my entries were done on my desktop. And many have been done on my laptop.

But now that Marilyn and I use our iPads all the time, I do most of my entries on my iPad.

This means there's NO WAY to upload and share photos -- something I used to do all the time!

Yes, there is an App created for use with the iPad and LJ. Every single review has 1 star -- and many people say they would give the App zero stars, it it were possible. Of the many, many reviews of Apps I've read, those for the LJ App are the worst I've ever seen! There's only one other App that supposedly works with LiveJournal, but it has terrible reviews, too.

I wanted to try it again (I had tried it in the past), because I really, really wanted to share photos from today. But the reviews are worse than in the past, which is nearly impossible.

WHY can't LiveJournal get a decent App? How can it be true that there's no working App in this day and age? What are people who don't have a desktop or laptop supposed to do?

Is this partly because of LiveJournal being Russian-owned? Maybe there are fewer iPad users there? Anyway, iPad and iPhone use are growing in most of the world. Personally I use mine constantly! Yes, I can clearly post entries. But why shouldn't I be able to post photos???

Anyway, Marilyn and I packed up the car this morning, leaving cats Colin and Henry home. We took along the stuff to make neighbor gifts, plus bags in case we decided to spend the night.

We were meeting Athur and his husband William, to go to lunch -- and to show them our house for the first time.

The place we'd picked was closed for lunch, so we walked down to the Pig 'N Pancake, instead. (This was actually not a good idea -- it was too cold for that walk, and we weren't dressed warmly enough, I'm afraid. I'm suffering for it tonight, anyway.)

We four had a nice lunch and talked like magpies! Marilyn and I love eating there, so we were glad they were okay with it.

After lunch, we drove to the house. They had their 'girls' with them, Stella and Prudence, two Boston Terriers! So we had them bring them in the house. Arthur and William loved our house, and the girls did, too! The photos I'd wanted to share were of both men and the dogs -- and Marilyn and me, too. Oh well.

We showed off the whole house, then visited for some time. Amusing note, we had thought they were staying in Seaside -- and they thought we were down at the house! But they came just to see us -- and we did the same. And we all had a lovely time.

Anyway, they departed around 3:30. Then we got out the baskets we had, and all the contents to put inside. We built our gift baskets, and put them inside those wonderful transparent bags. Gosh, they turned out really nice. Then we took them out and delivered them (except for the basket for Ralph and Toni, which we left for him). The neighbors were pleased, and it was good to see them and offer holiday greetings.

Then we packed up and drove back home. We made Amy's frozen food for dinner. We're certainly enjoying those! Healthy food, and in five minutes you're eating!

Poor Doon still doesn't feel well.

June does have her computer back, but it needs some tweaks.

No update about Lee Ann and Ray. A few people were asking for details on Facebook...

My right hip is really bothering me. I've had arthritis for years. This is good and bad, on and off. And then I can have flair-ups, like now -- where it's hard to walk and sit. Even resting becomes painful. Riding in the car was bad.

The COLD seems to cause these flair-ups. I spent ages in a hot tub, and it did help a bit.

Unfortunately, Marilyn stubbed her left toe tonight -- hard enough that we were afraid she'd broken it! She never does this -- I'm the one always stubbing my big toes (lefthanded clumsiness). She's in terrible pain, poor thing.

(You know, I'm not complaining, but Marilyn and I have had a tough year. I won't be sad to say goodbye to 2014...)

Well, we both manage to stay upbeat, no matter what. We're very glad we went to meet Arthur and William today (and Stella and Prudence)!

We listened to our "Bonanza" Christmas album a couple of times riding to and from Seaside. We hadn't had the chance before, and we always enjoy it each year. Then we listened to "Handel's" Messiah, singing along. We love doing that, too!

I think that covers today pretty well!

Damn. I was supposed to phone Hector today...

Almost forgot, I talked to our neighbor Gladys via phone. She and her grandkids made us a gift, so I need to connect with her...

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