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More High Winds (!!!) Plus Cold Weather

The temperature is dropping here in the Portland area as we speak. The last I heard it was 34' outside. Brr!

And the wind is already getting bad, and is supposed to get worse. Great. We're certainly looking forward to more high winds -- not at all!

I hate to think of what else might happen in more high winds...

And there is some chance of the dread freezing rain. Heaven forbid!

We found out today that our dear friend Lee Ann is dying. She and her husband Ray are WONDERFUL people. Marilyn and I were both sobbing at one point. We don't want to bother them, but we'd love to see her one last time... Marilyn spoke to mutual friend Carla. She and Gary (her husband) are heading there tomorrow, so they're going to take our greetings. It's hard to imagine how Ray will manage without her -- he just worships her. They are so close.

Marilyn and I have plans to meet our friends Arthur and William in Seaside (Oregon) tomorrow morning, and then go for lunch. They've never seen our beach house before, so we're excited they'll be visiting.

We don't know if we'll just drive down for the day, or what. We may not take the cats along at all. We might stay overnight, or not.

June kindly will look after the boys if necessary. It's great having a good friend you can trust.

Speaking of, poor Donn is sick. He was obviously unable to work today, and might still be down tomorrow.

I need to wash my hair tonight, before bed. And we need to be up at a decent hour.

Our day has continued with the "Breaking Bad" Marathon. We're very much enjoying it.

Here's hoping all goes well tomorrow...

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