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Happy Boxing Day - Happy St. Stephen's Day

This was a totally quiet day.

Neither Marilyn nor I are feeling well. We still haven't managed to shake that bug, it seems. We barely stirred all day long! She was mostly on the sofa, and I reclined in my chair (when not in bed). I slept several hours.

We didn't really do anything, except watch some TV and play on our iPads. I spoke briefly to sister Sue. And iMessaged with June. But that was it.

I still need to go do our garbage and recycling. I'm not much up for it...

I bought a Kindle book yesterday that both Marilyn and I have loved since childhood: The Hundred and One Dalmatians," by Dodie Smith. It was published in 1956. Yes, it's the book that gave birth to the Disney animated movie (and later a live action film).

Marilyn used to read it out loud every single year to Mom and me for years and years, leading up to Christmas. Anyway, I had the very beat up paperback out recently, and decided to see if they had it for Kindle! Now I'm reading it out loud to Marilyn.

The book is such a delight, and obviously more detailed than the animated movie. I guess ther have been several versions, but I've only seen the 1961 film. I read that they even did musical stage version, if you can believe that! Well worth a read, no matter what age you are.

Hope everyone has enjoyed their Boxing Day (St. Stephen's Day). Did any of you do special shopping?

Please stay healthy, my friends!

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