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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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An Annual Outting With Micki and Her Family 

Marilyn and I are home from our 'annual' Christmas outting to see our friend Micki and her family. Last year it was Micki, her husband Vern, her daughter Julie and Julie's husband Greg and their daughter Shannon (Micki's granddaughter). We worked with Shannon at the festival and got close to her -- and we've known Micki for years. The entire family is wonderful.

This year it was Micki and Vern, Julie, Shannon and her sister Stacy. (Greg was working.) it was fun meeting Stacy and getting to know her.

We had wine and a nice dinner of fancy pizzas and salad, plus a lovely pie for dessert. Then Vern went off to do his own thing, and we six women sat around talking for hours! It was just great fun! We were quite boisterous and noisy.

We decided we shouldn't just get together once a year, so who knows? Maybe we'll do this more often.

Marilyn and I had to leave around 10:30, as we're working tomorrow. Otherwise, I think we could still be there! Nobody wanted to break up the party.

Marilyn got her hair done this morning (she took Summer a card and generous gift certificate). Then Marilyn kindly took me to my dentist's office to take Mary, Holly and Shannon Christmas cards and gifts. We also stopped to give Dee a gift, plus candy for all the girls at my hairdresser shop.

We also got Starbucks. And picked up meds at Riteaid. Then came home and had cheese sandwiches for lunch, before taking a nap. We wanted to be rested before going out tonight.

The drive to Micki's (in Vancouver) was aided by the GPS on my cell phone. It's really been a huge help for lots of our trips.

The weather was warm and dry today -- very nice.

December 23, 2014 (Tuesday) 09:57 am (UTC)
Glad that you had a great visit, sounded like lots of fun. You also got several things done and I know you both are working tomorrow. I am getting together for Christmas Eve with Ross, Tammy and John from cribbage. We will get some snack food and play cribbage at either my house or at John's. It should be fun. I feel sorry for Nicole the braces being back on are hurting quite a bit. She hates to take even an aspirin for pain so she is hurting poor girl. It will all get done soon and hopefully the inplant and crown will work great. Let me know when you are going to the beach. Want to get to talk to you before you leave.
December 23, 2014 (Tuesday) 11:56 pm (UTC)
Yay for your nice visit!