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Holiday Dinner Out!

Marilyn and I weren't feeling well again today. We had errands to run, but we were just too icky and worn out to get to them. So we stayed in until time to go out for dinner.

We were both sound asleep when sister Sue got to the house at 6:00 for our 6:30 dinner. We dashed around and pulled ourselves together. Sue and I got to chat while I was dressing and putting on makeup (Marilyn was getting ready downstairs).

I phoned June and Jim, so they could drive over and meet us at the restaurant, Lung Fung's on Lombard (very close by). The five of us sat at a table and Marilyn and I showed everyone photos from painting with the staff on Friday.

We had a nice dinner. Everybody ordered different things, but I think we all equally enjoyed our meals. Plus we very much enjoyed the company!

Marilyn kindly paid for our meal.

After that, we came home and watched some of "The Sound of Music" Sing-Along that was on tonight. But we needed to go shopping, so we headed to Riteaid, where we got more gift cards before they immediately closed. We also went to Freddies and Walgreens, and bought several things. So Marilyn has a gift for Summer for tomorrow, when she goes to her hair appointment.

I'm hoping maybe I can get sister Sue to take me a couple of places tomorrow. I guess we'll see if she has time.

We're sitting and watching TV right now.

Not a very exciting day, but we enjoyed it. Today was the fourth and final Sunday of Advent (the third purple candle, for those with Advent wreaths -- the white candle is lit on Christmas Eve).

We love "Blue Bloods" and are watching it right now.

Bed soon, I think.

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