CharlieMC (charliemc) wrote,

What a Busy, Busy, Long Day!!!

What a CRAZY-BUSY day!!!

And this day started at 4:00 a.m., and is STILL going (it's now actually after midnight).

We just got back from seeing the movie "Wild," with Reese Witherspoon and Laura Dern. It was absolutely amazing, and both Marilyn and I highly recommend it. Interestingly enough, Ariel at the office (our newest staff person) had mentioned it to me this morning. And Christine loved both the book and movie, and her Christmas gift for our exchange was a copy of the book, and movie tickets.

I downloaded the book from Amazon for my Kindle earlier today and started reading it, but didn't get too far. But Cheryl Strayed is an incredible writer! I can already tell that.

Our day started with me doing the recycling and composting (yes, around 4:00), and Marilyn washing and doing her hair. Then we had to sign our cards for our staff gifts, gather everything we needed to take to work today and get dressed and ready for work -- and leave in time to be at work by as close to 7:00 as possible.

Marilyn had a GFP meeting, and I wrapped our two gifts for the gift exchange.

Marilyn had already put our Christmas cards out for each staff person. They were really lovely cards! And our gift, stuck inside the cards, was $20 worth or Regal movie gift cards. People were really pleased by these.

I had website work to do today, and Donn was in, to work, too. I had my own IT projects to work on, aside from Donn's projects.

I had created the email account for our festival president, but it needed additional setting up. Marilyn needed to be ready to send out a message from Frank, so I got in and messed with it. You do this setup on the Server in the email Exchange, giving permission to one account to send on behalf of another account.

Wow, think of the power I have! Hahaha. I could give myself permission to send email on behalf of any other user, then fake emails from them! Isn't IT grand?

By the way, I taught myself how to do all these things on the Server, and it's not as easy as it sounds...

Marilyn had a second meeting directly on top of the first one. Then I needed to walk her through doing Frank's email, which didn't take long.

I also needed to publish a page for the website, which meant I had to phone John from FISH and discuss settings, etc.

I was busy right up until party time, which started with lunch in our upstairs conference room.

After lunch, we cleared everything away and did the gift exchange. First you draw a slip with a number (there were 15 numbers, and Marilyn drew 11 and I got 15). Number 1 goes first, and picks a package and opens it. Then number 2 can steal the gift number 1 opened, or pick a new package and open it. Number 3 can steal from either person, or open a new one. So you want a high number, and I got the highest one. Actually, number 1 also gets a chance to steal when everyone else is done, so that's the best number, I suppose.

Marilyn gave a Jack Daniels gift set, with a bottle of Jack, a glass and jigger. I gave a Baccardi Rum gift set with a bottle and a large mug. Mine set was less expensive than Marilyn's, so I also gave a Whitman sampler, that came in a metal box.

Donn had his gifts stolen several times -- it was really funny! In fact, I stole from him, too. I got his bottle of wine, and two types of chocolate, but gave Donn the candy to take home to Denise. Marilyn stole the beautiful box Donn had made. She was really happy to have it.

When gifts were done, we walked over to Bottle and Bottega, for a painting event. It was so cool! Everybody had a canvas to paint. You have an initial design, and then you add to it. It's difficult to explain, but when we're done, you combine all the paintings and it creates a wonderful mural! One of the most amazing things we've ever done as a staff.

We walked back to the office (thankfully it was dry then). That was the end of our party (just pat 3:00). Officially, we were done working, but of course that's not how it woeked out. But we did get home by around 5:00. And we were both jus dead tired. It was all we could do to get up after sitting down in the living room!

We finally went down to the family room and chatted for a bit. Then we figured out what movie we were going to, and when it played. Then it was nap time!!!

We woke up just in time to head to the show, which played at 9:45. We had to go today, as we had a free ticket that was expiring after today!

We needed to dash to the office after the movie. Now we're home. Such a long, busy day!

It was exhausting -- and we got a LOT of work done. But we did get to have some fun, too.

Tomorrow Donn will be doing Carol's computer, so I'll need to be available to interact with him. It's very complicated and detailed stuff...

We plan to go see our friend Shari this Sunday. And we've been invited to dinner Monday night at our friend Micki's -- where we'll see our friend Shannon (who is Micki's granddaughter).

Marilyn is getting her hair done Monday morning.

Tuesday we're working.

The RAIN has started. We're expecting a ton of rain, and I'm praying we won't have flooding...

Henry was just very sick all over the carpet behind my chair, poor thing! I hope he won't be having one of his spells this Christmas.

More later.

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