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More Meclizine

Stayed home again today. Used more Meclizine. Slept and slept.

I really didn't get much done today...

Ordered my food on the phone with Steven (tuna melt sand and clam chowder -- Marilyn got the same).

Donn got the Shoretel upgrades done at the office.

Wrote to Tim (RHSAA) and explained about the eNewsletter. He was really good about it.

Marilyn was pretty upset when she got home. She'd been calling me for ages and the phones never woke me. Meclizine really conks me out.

When she got here I got up and got dressed and we went shopping. We needed Christmas cards, gift cards for the staff, gifts for our neighbors, my other gift for the exchange, gift bags and tissue for wrapping and gift cards for our friend Shari. We also bought a couple of frozen TV dinners to cook and eat. We ended up going to three stores.

We got back home around 10:00 p.m. and I fixed dinner and we ate. I jus fell asleep again right after, and just woke to blog.

Marilyn needs to wash her hair. I need to do the recycling and composting!

And we've got to be at work EARLY, because she has a meeting. Right now she's sound asleep on the sofa...

Tomorrow is our annual Christmas lunch and gift exchange. Looking forward to it.

But we need to sign cards and wrap things tonight still! So tired out...

I wish we were both ready to go to bed.

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