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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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Woke Up With An Earache (sigh) 

So, I woke up this morning with an awful earache in my right ear. It even feels swollen to me. And when I get earaches, I often get vertigo, too. So far, no, but I'm going to be very careful (and maybe I won't go there).

Anyway, I just stayed home from work and told Donn not to come in. Marilyn told me to take Meclizine and sleep. In the morning I took a half pill. Then sister Sue and I chatted on the phone. I made her promise to call and wake me to watch "Dragnet," and she did. But I think I saw like 15 minutes, then I conked right out. Sue had said I'd fall back asleep, and she was right!

So around 1:00, I woke and literally forced myself to get up and color my hair! It's so hard to motivate myself to do it, even when I feel good. So it's really a pain when I'm out of it at all! I'm really proud I got it done. It turned out good, too. (woo hoo)

I also talked to Donn today about work -- AND about June's computer. I also talked to Christine about Inflow, and our Shoretel phone software upgrade. It was happening tonight on the phone server v(Inflow was going to do it remotely -- it takes several hours). So tomorrow we'll do the software updates on each computer. But 'we' won't necessarily include me. Donn and Christine will probably do it alone, and I'll stay home. We'll see how I am in the morning. Maybe I'll just go in for a bit, then come home...

I just want to feel good for the party on Friday, if at all possible.

Anyway, after those phone calls, I did a load of dishes and picked up the kitchen and took out some garbage. Then I picked up the family room a bit.

Then I took more Meclizine and went back to bed. I was reading my book, my I conked out again, really hard. I didn't wake up until Marilyn called me while she was driving home from work around 7:00. I guess she had to call several times to wake me.

Then I was iMessaging with June for a bit, mostly about her computer. Donn's going to look at it tomorrow.

And Marilyn and I were watching "White Christmas" on TV. But I needed to go make dinner. I fixed stuffed green peppers. Later we had some cheese and crackers for a snack.

And that was my day. My ear still hurts, but it is a little better.

Sister Sue still feels crappy, too. This damn bug. Well, I guess it could be worse.

December 18, 2014 (Thursday) 12:54 pm (UTC)
I have been up since 3AM and read about 100 pages in my book and then have been on the computer. I finished folding two more loads of laundry also. I did good at cribbage again last night, took second for $40 and made an extra $5 for stopping a grand slam. I was the only person to beat this player who had a wonderful 18 card. I had a 13 and so did Tammy so she was happy. We celebrated Jay's birthday with a pie and the card I bring. I need to go to the dollar store and buy a bunch more cards. Tammy does pay me for them now from the club funds. I had bought them for years with my own money, but she said no more of that. She is very fair with me on the money. I did tell Candy about the money from my death benefit and she was fine with it. After all I can do nothing about it anyway. Hope you feel better soon. I am not sick to my stomach any more which is a good thing.